Trouble Makers Tour Stop with Leigh Bardugo


As you all know by now, I absolutely love Six of Crows and have been eagerly anticipating Crooked Kingdom. When I found out Leigh Bardugo was going to be within about an hour of where I live I knew I wanted to go. But I was also really nervous about driving to the big city by myself. I had asked one of my favorite blog/internet friends, Amanda, if she was familiar with the area (we discovered once that we don’t live too far apart). She had never read anything by Bardugo before, but decided to give her a try and ended up loving both the Shadow and Bone series and Six of Crows and decided she wanted to go to the event, too. She even offered to meet me part way and drive us the rest of the way!


Me and Amanda! (Not the best picture I’ve ever taken haha)

Though I’m super awkward by nature, it wasn’t really that awkward meeting Amanda for the first time (she may think differently, though, haha). We talked about books, of course. She’s so nice and it was so cool to finally meet someone in person that I’ve talked to for so long online.


I got the Wylan card!

Ok, on to the main event. Leigh Bardugo is so cool and so funny! A guy who does pod casts for Overdrive moderated the event, asking Leigh questions and then helping field questions from the audience. There were not as many book spoilers as I was expecting/hoping for. But, she talked a lot about writing process and characters. I also learned that the moment she fell in love with Kaz from Six of Crows was during the “eyeball scene” on the boat – she thought it was romantic. That was also the moment Kaz really solidified himself in my heart (I even mention it’s a reason I loved him in my review haha).



Overall, it was such a fun event! Leigh Bardugo is one of my favorites, so it was so cool to finally get to meet her and get my books signed. If you have the opportunity to go see her, I hope you do!

Reviewing the Unreviewed: September 2016

I read a lot of books that I don’t end up reviewing for whatever reason. Some because I wasn’t impressed. Some because I didn’t have the time. Some I just wasn’t feeling it on whatever particular day I finished. I thought I’d start doing a post once a month  with just the couple thoughts I shared on Good Reads.


Kill Shot (Mitch Rapp #2) by Vince Flynn. Read August 26-31 (Yes this was last month, but it was too late for my August post) 4 Stars.

While I liked the first book in this series, I enjoyed this one a lot more. There was loads more character development and the storyline was really intriguing. I found the large cast of supporting characters a little hard to keep straight at times, but that was really my only complaint. I’m looking forward to continuing the series.


Down with the Shine by Kate Karyus Quinn. Read September 1-3. 4 Stars.

What a weird, clever little book! Wishes and moonshine, murder and romance. The main character, Lennie, was a kind of unlikable most of the time, but I still rooted for her throughout the whole book. I liked her uncles and her friend Larry and the evolution of her relationship with Smith. I thought the end was really cleverly written.

I’ve read this author’s previous books and really didn’t like one and really liked the other, so this book was the tie-breaker that has made me decide I like this author’s work.


Broken Prince (The Royals #2) by Erin Watt. Read September 3-4. 3 Stars.

It took me a little longer to get into this book than it did the first one. Not a lot happened until it got towards the end of the book and then it was mostly just setting up the third book. But I am quite interested in reading the third book now, so I guess that worked.

Getting Reed’s POV was kind of letdown. I thought he was an interesting character in Paper Princess, but every time we get his POV he’s basically just whiny and pining. I actually enjoyed his character much more from Ella’s POV, so I’m glad this book shared POV with her.

I’ve had about a billion problems with Callum since the first book, but he finally redeemed himself (partly anyways) for me in this book. He’s not as clueless or as big of a jerk as I thought he was, so that made me happy.


Chance of a Lifetime (Anderson Brothers #3) by Marissa Clarke. Read September 4-5. 2 Stars.

I liked seeing a blind lead character. I thought the story did a good job of showing that someone with a disability can be independent and capable. I wished the character had been a little more likable, though. I did like Chance, though. The bucket list plot didn’t take up very much of the story like I thought it would. There was a ton more graphic sexual content than I was expecting, as well. I would’ve enjoyed some more character development or actual plot in place of at least a couple of those scenes, but I guess that’s the genre. Overall, just an ok book for me, though may be worth the read if you’re a fan of romance novels and looking for more diverse characters.


The Deal (Off-Campus #1) by Elle Kennedy. Read September 5-7. 3 Stars.

I’ve seen people rave about this series and I decided to finally give it a try, even though New Adult is not really my genre. I was pretty surprised that I actually ended up liking this. The story is super familiar (and a little overdone) and there wasn’t anything really surprising in it, but the character development was well done and both the main characters were likable. There was some good bantering, as well. Being New Adult, of course there were the requisite graphic scenes, but I was actually kind of surprised that it didn’t take up half the book. There was actually more story than sex scenes, so kudos to Kennedy for that (especially since I’m pretty sure she writes full-on erotica with her other books). It did go on a little too long, but overall I enjoyed it – especially the development of Garret and Hannah’s relationship – and will read the next book in the series.


The Mistake (Off-Campus #2) by Elle Kennedy. Read September 7-9. 2.5 Stars.

The extra half star for all the scenes between Logan and his roommates because those were often pretty comical. This book could have used a lot more of that. I didn’t like this book as much as the last one, but it did have a few cute moments. It was definitely more the type of NA book I’m used to (and try to avoid), so I was a little disappointed. Might still try the next book, though.


The Twenty-Three (Promise Falls #3) by Linwood Barclay. Read September 11-13. 4 Stars.

I really enjoyed The Twenty-Three. I loved how all the mysteries came to a head and were resolved, with just enough twists thrown in to keep me on my toes. The writing, as always, was wonderful and suspenseful. I really had a hard time putting this one down and the few times I had to, I was still thinking about it. I definitely recommend this series to fans of mystery/suspense. Full review to come closer to release date.


The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer. Read September 7-24. 3 Stars.

I feel kind of bad for saying I didn’t enjoy this as much as I thought I would because it wasn’t as funny as I was expecting. Schumer really lays a lot of her life out there and a lot of it is really heavy stuff. I wasn’t expecting how serious so much of this book was, but I appreciate her willingness to go there and also the positive reinforcement to women to accept themselves and not settle for things like the abusive relationships she lived through. There were several funny and light-hearted moments, just not as many as I would have liked.




Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco. Could not get into this at all. I tried to keep going, but finally decided to DNF when it started mocking religion. If the writing and the story had been interesting enough I could look past that, but since I wasn’t impressed up to that point, it was the last nail in the coffin.




Fiancé by Fate by Jennifer Shirk. I was just in the mood for something cute and I read the sequel to this book last month which made me want to read this one again.


Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. Had to re-read it to prepare for Crooked Kingdom. I love it just as much every time I read it.

Top Ten Tuesday: Books On My Fall TBR List

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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the Broke and the Bookish, is: Books On My Fall TBR List.


1. Yes, it’s on every list today, but I’m so excited for Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows #2) by Leigh Bardugo! It’s out today, but I’m waiting until tomorrow to buy it when I go to a book signing!!


2. Roseblood by A.G. Howard. I’ve had this on my TBR forever and I got approved for an ARC of it yesterday and I’m so excited! It’s a Phantom and the Opera re-telling and I don’t think I’ve ever read one of those before.


3. Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle. This is going to be the show that will fill the Pretty Little Liars void this spring on Freeform, so I thought I’d read it before then to see if I want to watch the show.


4. The Kept Woman (Will Trent #8) by Karin Slaughter. I have been waiting for a new Will Trent book for-ev-er! And I have to wait a little while longer until my library hold comes in.


5. The Power (Titan #2) by Jennifer Armentrout. This book has FINALLY came to the library so hopefully my hold will come in soon.


6. Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. This book is getting amazing reviews.


7. The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer. No, I do not expect this to be great, but I’m really excited to read it.


8. Twisted Palace (The Royals #3) by Erin Watt. This series is the definition of Guilty Pleasure Read.


9. Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls and Everything in Between by Lauren Graham. I love Lauren Graham (and Gilmore Girls).


10. The Hating Game by Sally Thorne. Every friend I have on Good Reads that’s read this adores it. Yet another library wait list I’m crossing my fingers will come in soon.


Review: The Vanishing Year by Kate Moretti


Synopsis from Good Reads:

Zoe Whittaker is living a charmed life. She is the beautiful young wife to handsome, charming Wall Street tycoon Henry Whittaker. She is a member of Manhattan’s social elite. She is on the board of one of the city’s most prestigious philanthropic organizations. She has a perfect Tribeca penthouse in the city and a gorgeous lake house in the country. The finest wine, the most up-to-date fashion, and the most luxurious vacations are all at her fingertips.

What no one knows is that five years ago, Zoe’s life was in danger. Back then, Zoe wasn’t Zoe at all. Now her secrets are coming back to haunt her. As the past and present collide, Zoe must decide who she can trust before she—whoever she is—vanishes completely.

The Vanishing Year combines the classic sophistication of Ruth Rendell and A.S.A. Harrison with the thoroughly modern flair of Jessica Knoll. Told from the point-of-view of a heroine who is as relatable as she is enigmatic, The Vanishing Year is an unforgettable new novel by a rising star of the genre.

I received a copy of this title from NetGalley. It does not impact my review.

The Vanishing Year will be available September 27, 2016.

I was expecting The Vanishing Year to be a suspenseful and shocking read. Instead I found it be a very character-driven story about a woman trying to figure out who she is, with a bit of mystery thrown in. This isn’t a bad thing, it just wasn’t the book I was hoping for.

Zoe has married one of New York’s most elite, eligible bachelors and she’s struggling to fit into his world. While Henry’s love at first sight infatuation and his determination to woo her into a quick marriage made him seem very romantic at first, he’s now pretty controlling and even borderline abusive. She’s changed a lot for him and it’s causing her to question her self-identity, which is already muddled due to her troubled past. The story mostly focuses on Zoe juggling her precarious relationship with Henry with trying to find her birth mother and being afraid that her past has caught up to her.

The pace of the story is pretty slow for most of the book. It’s a lot of Zoe thinking about her past and struggling with being a “kept woman.” While she was a sympathetic character for sure, she did get a little on my nerves. She was often a contradiction. She would be very scared about her new life being discovered, but would put herself out in the public eye and then tell half her story to a reporter she just met. She would try to stand up for herself when Henry was trying to control her and then relent at the smallest nice gesture. Despite this, she was an overall pretty likable character, though.

The action and the little suspense there was didn’t really kick in until near the end of the book. I had a suspicion about something from pretty early on and then there was a surprise I wasn’t expecting, which was nice, but as soon as it was revealed I immediately knew what happened. The (supposed to be) shocking plot twists after that felt pretty Lifetime Movie inspired.

Overall, The Vanishing Year, was a decent read. The character development of Zoe was good and I also really liked her new reporter friend, Cash. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t the suspenseful tale that I was hoping for. However, if you are looking for a good character-driven story with a little mystery (and some slightly campy plot twists), I think you would enjoy it.

Overall Rating (out of 5): 3 Stars

3 stars

Quick Review: Beautiful Maids All in a Row (Iris Ballard #1) by Jennifer Harlow


Synopsis from Good Reads:

Dr. Iris Ballard’s glory days are behind her, so when Luke Hudson, her former FBI partner and onetime lover, asks for help constructing a psychological profile of an elusive serial killer who murders single mothers and dumps their bodies in the woods, Iris turns him away. She just wants to be left alone with her infomercials, her German Shepherd, and her vodka. That is, until she gets a peek at the case files.

The media has dubbed him “the Woodsman.” But after Iris learns the sickening details held back from the press, and as she sets foot onto the scene of his latest crime, she assembles a portrait of a more complicated, enigmatic, meticulous man. Control is his motivation. He thrives on it. Soon he even tries to manipulate the investigation by contacting Iris, hoping to rattle the woman he considers an intellectual equal.

The game is on. Iris thinks she has a read on her target, enough to push his buttons, to make him lose control. But when the Woodsman gains the upper hand, Iris faces the most painful reckoning of all—with her own violent past.

I received a copy of this title from NetGalley. It does not impact my review.

Beautiful Maids All in a Row will be available 10/11/16.

In the acknowledgments, the author reveals that this is the first book she ever wrote at age nineteen. And it reads like it. The story is just one cliché after another with nothing surprising or original in the whole book. I guessed who the serial killer was in the third chapter and it took about another twelve chapters for the characters to figure it out. I really don’t have anything constructive to say about this book, so this is more of a note than an actual review. I will say that based on other reviews I’ve read I am in the minority opinion. And maybe if I had never read another book in this genre before I could have enjoyed it more.

Overall Rating (out of 5): 1 Star

Birthstone as Books Book Tag

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I saw this tag over at Bookish Things and Tea and thought it looked like a fun one. Feel free to tag yourself if you’d like.

GARNET (JANUARY)- Associated with warding off negative forces and dark energies, name a book with the darkest/evilest character you can think of.

Most of the books I think of are YA fantasy/paranormal books, but the villains almost always have some type of redeeming quality/tragic backstory that makes us feel sorry for them. I can’t think of one that’s just straight up evil. So instead I’m going to go with adult mystery and go with about any killer/bad guy in a Karin Slaughter book. Her books usually have some really dark material and the things the bad guy does often makes me sick to my stomach.

AMETHYST (FEBRUARY)- Purple is associated with royalty, name a book with regal qualities…You can base your choice on characters or choose the king (or queen) of all books.


I think I’ll take this one literally and go with The Royal We.

AQUAMARINE (MARCH)- Washed out, name a ‘wishy washy’ character, a character who is not strong or is a follower.


Shay from An Accidental Bride by Denise Hunter. When it came to the relationship with Travis she is always one step forward, three steps back. It drove me crazy.

DIAMOND (APRIL)- A diamond in the rough, name a book that you loved but is not well known.


I’m going to go with the whole Anna Curtis series by Allison Leotta. I do not see nearly enough of her and she is amazing!

EMERALD (MAY)- Said to balance energy, name two characters who balance each other well.


I’m going to go with McKenzie’s answer and go with Shazi and Khalid from The Wrath and the Dawn series. The strongest thing for me in the series was their relationship and I felt like they’re one of the few YA couples that really are a pretty evenly matched team.

PEARL (JUNE)- Associated with loyalty, name a character who is loyal to the end.


Kai from The Lunar Chronicles. Even when things looked really bad for Cinder, he was always trying to look out for her.

RUBY (JULY)- Blood red, name a book that made your blood boil, one that made you angry.


The Goodbye Bride by Denise Hunter. Lucy was selfish and hypocritical and it took until the very end of the book for her to admit to any blame whatsoever.

PERIDOT (AUGUST)- It pales in comparison to other gems, name a supporting character who you like better than the main character.


Bianca and Leo from The Art of Lainey. I would have much rather read a book about them than about Lainey and Micah.

SAPPHIRE (SEPTEMBER)- Blue like the ocean which is calming, name a book that had a calming affect on you.


P.S. I Like You by Kasie West. Her books just make me so happy,

OPAL (OCTOBER)- Iridescent, name an iridescent book; this can be with a beautiful cover (shiny, colorful) or you can base it off a character (quirky? unique?).


This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills. I will never stop hyping this book.

TOPAZ (NOVEMBER)- Associated with resilience, name a book with a character who rises to the top in a time of adversity.


Emma from One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid. She has so much to deal with and she works her way through it.

BLUE ZIRCON (DECEMBER)- Associated with friendship, name a book with a friendship you want to be a part of.


The crew from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. I want to pull off a heist with these guys.

Review: November 9 by Colleen Hoover


Synopsis from Good Reads:

Beloved #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover returns with an unforgettable love story between a writer and his unexpected muse.

Fallon meets Ben, an aspiring novelist, the day before her scheduled cross-country move. Their untimely attraction leads them to spend Fallon’s last day in L.A. together, and her eventful life becomes the creative inspiration Ben has always sought for his novel. Over time and amidst the various relationships and tribulations of their own separate lives, they continue to meet on the same date every year. Until one day Fallon becomes unsure if Ben has been telling her the truth or fabricating a perfect reality for the sake of the ultimate plot twist.

This book was kind of meta and I liked that. The book is about characters who meet once a year and one of them is going to write a book about it. So basically it’s like Ben is writing the book we’re reading. The characters bring up a lot of common book tropes – and then utilizes them. There is even a point in the story where the idea is compared to similar books and Ben defends it and makes sure everyone knows it’s different. As a book nerd I could really appreciate all the references.

I liked the plotline of only seeing the characters once a year, but I wish the story would’ve involved a little bit more than just their relationship and how they thought about each other non-stop every single day of the year. It didn’t really feel like there was that much character growth between November 9ths. We would get just a couple details to prove that some time had passed and then it was picking right back up where we left off with the romance. However, toward the end we did get a lot more character background on Ben and I appreciated that.

While I was a fan of Ben and Fallon’s relationship, it did make me a little uncomfortable at times. They are super intense about each other when they haven’t known each other very long at all. And though I did love Ben, he gave off a bit of a creeper vibe to me at times. And even though I did like many of the meta book references, it kind of annoyed me when it came to him. He would talk about how he was nothing like the alpha-male book boyfriends he read about and then act EXACTLY like every other guy ever written in this genre. Don’t get me wrong, it’s the norm for a reason, but I wish he either would’ve been a little different, or they would’ve really played up the comparisons a little more. All that said, I did think the romance was enjoyable and I liked their bantering a lot.

As I was finishing up this book I read another review that pointed out that the plot twist is basically the same as two other CoHo books. I hadn’t made the connection before that, but once I realized it, it was kind of all I could think about. Not being a rabid CoHo fan, I’d only read one of those books and since I liked this one much better than Confess, I can kind of overlook it, but do feel like I need to point it out, as well.

Though this book still did not convert me into a CoHo fangirl, I did end up really enjoying it. While there was a certain level of melodrama, I felt like it wasn’t as forced as the other books I’ve read by her. I found the characters more likable, as well, and especially enjoyed some of their banter. Overall, I think that fans of Hoover will eat it up and even the non-converts like me would enjoy it.

Overall Rating (out of 5): 4 Stars

4 stars

Top 5 Wednesday: Books I Want to See as TV Shows


Welcome to my first Top 5 Wednesday! You can find more info about it over at their Good Reads page. This week’s topic combines two of my favorite things: Books you want to see as TV shows. I have done this topic once before for a Top Ten Tuesday, so I’m going to try to come up with all new answers.


1. The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan. This book spans several years, has lots of characters, and a great central romance to root for that goes through lots of up and downs.


2. Curse Workers by Holly Black. I could totally see this on the CW.


3. You by Caroline Kepnes. I could see this as a Dexter-ish series with anti-hero Joe.


4. Red Rising by Pierce Brown. Yes, we are (eventually) getting a movie, but there’s definitely enough story there for a tv series.


5. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. Action, humor, romance, magic. What more can you ask for?

What books would you like to see as tv shows?