The Good, Bad, and In Between – Review List

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Ahdieh, Renee – The Wrath and the Dawn

Allen, Sarah Addison – First Frost

Allen, Sarah Addison – Garden Spells

Allred, Katherine – The Sweet Gum Tree

Arlidge, M.J. – Eeny Meeny

Armentrout, Jennifer – The Darkest Star

Armentrout, Jennifer – Oblivion

Armentrout, Jennifer – Storm and Fury

Baart, Nicole – The Beautiful Daughters

Backman, Fredrik – Anxious People

Backman, Fredrik – Beartown

Barber, Kathleen – Follow Me

Barclay, Linwood – Broken Promise

Barclay, Linwood – Elevator Pitch

Barclay, Linwood – Far From True

Barclay, Linwood – Never Look Away

Barclay, Linwood – The Twenty-Three

Bardugo, Leigh – Crooked Kingdom

Bardugo, Leigh – Ruin and Rising

Bardugo, Leigh – Shadow and Bone

Bardugo, Leigh – Six of Crows

Bennett, Jenn – Starry Eyes

Berry, Julie – All the Truth that’s in Me

Biren, Sara – Cold Day in the Sun

Black, Holly – Curse Workers Series

Bolton, S.J. – Now You See Me

Bolton, Sharon – The Craftsman

Bolton, Sharon – Daisy in Chains

Bolton, Sharon – Dead Woman Walking

Brennan, Sarah Rees – Unspoken

Brown, Pierce – Dark Age

Brown, Pierce – Golden Son

Brown, Pierce – Iron Gold

Brown, Pierce – Morning Star

Brown, Pierce – Red Rising

Buxbaum, Julie – Tell Me Three Things

Buxbaum, Julie – What to Say Next

Campbell, Michele – A Stranger on the Beach

Candlish, Louise – Our House

Candlish, Louise – Those People

Castillo, Linda – A Gathering of Secrets

Castillo, Linda – Down a Dark Road

Castillo, Linda – The Dead Will Tell

Coben, Harlan – The Boy from the Woods

Coben, Harlan – Don’t Let Go

Cocks, Heather & Morgan, Jessica – The Heir Affair

Cocks, Heather & Morgan, Jessica – The Royal We

Cole, Daniel – Hangman

Cole, Daniel – Ragdoll

Cross, Julie – On Thin Ice

Diamond, Katerina – The Angel

Diamond, Katerina – The Promise

Diamond, Katerina – The Secret

Diamond, Katerina – Truth or Die

Douglas, John & Olshaker, Mark – Killer Across the Table

Downing, Samantha – He Started It

Downing, Samantha – My Lovely Wife

Duran, Elvis – Where Do I Begin?

Eulberg, Elizabeth – Better Off Friends

Eulberg, Elizabeth – Past Perfect Life

Eulberg, Elizabeth – Take a Bow

Fargo, Layne – They Never Learn

Graham, Lauren – Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (And Everything in Between)

Green, John – The Fault in Our Stars

Haas, Abigail – Dangerous Girls

Hand, Cynthia, et al – My Lady Jane

Harding, Robyn – The Arrangement

Harmon, Amy – The First Girl Child

Harmon, Amy – Making Faces

Harmon, Amy – The Songbook of Benny Lament

Harmon, Amy – Where the Lost Wander

Heaberlin, Julie – Black-Eyed Susans

Hendricks, Greer and Pekkanen, Sarah – The Wife Between Us

Henry, Emily – Beach Read

Henry, Emily – People We Meet on Vacation

Henry, Madeleine – The Love Proof

Higgins, Kristan – Good Luck with That

Higgins, Kristan – If You Only Knew 

Higgins, Kristan – Now That You Mention It

Hillier, Jennifer – Jar of Hearts

Holahan, Cate – Lies She Told

Hunter, Cara – Close to Home

Hunter, Cara – No Way Out

Hunter, Denise – On Magnolia Lane

Hunter, Denise – Summer by the Tides

Hunter, Denise – Sweetbriar Cottage

Hunter, Teagan – Cheesy on the Eyes

Hunter, Teagan – Let’s Get Textual

Jewell, Lisa – I Found You

Jewell, Lisa – The Family Upstairs

Jewell, Lisa – The Girls in the Garden

Jewell, Lisa – Then She Was Gone

Kemmerer, Brigid – Call it What You Want

Kemmerer, Brigid – More Than We Can Tell

Kemmerer, Brigid – Storm

Kendrick, Beth – Nearlyweds

Kendrick, Beth – Once Upon a Wine

Kinsella, Sophie – I Owe You One

Knox, Joseph – The Smiling Man

Kurian, Vera – Never Saw Me Coming

Lauren, Christina – Dating You / Hating You

Lauren, Christina – In a Holidaze

Lauren, Christina – My Favorite Half-Night Stand

Lauren, Christina – The Unhoneymooners

Layne, Lauren – Hard Sell

Layne, Lauren – Hot Asset

Layne, Lauren – Huge Deal

Layne, Lauren – I Think I Love You

Layne, Lauren – Love on Lexington Avenue

Layne, Lauren – Marriage on Madison Avenue

Layne, Lauren – Ready to Run

Layne, Lauren – To Sir, with Love

Layne, Lauren – Yours in Scandal

Lee, Patrick – Runner

Leotta, Allison – A Good Killing

Leotta, Allison – Law of Attraction

Leotta, Allison – Speak of the Devil

Leotta, Allison – The Last Good Girl

Lepionka, Kristen – What You Want to See

Logan, T.M. – Lies

Logan, T.M. – The Vacation

London, Ophelia – Definitely, Maybe in Love

London, Ophelia – Wife for the Weekend

Lord, Emery – The Start of Me and You

Lovering, Carola – Tell Me Lies

Lyga, Barry – I Hunt Killers

Mackintosh, Clare – I See You

Mackintosh, Clare – Let Me Lie

Madsen, Cindi – Always a Bridesmaid

Madsen, Cindi – Just One of the Groomsmen

Mafi, Tahereh – Ignite Me

Martin, Alexa – Fumbled

Martin, Alexa – Intercepted

McManus, Karen M. – One of Us Is Lying

McManus, Karen M. – One of Us Is Next

Meyer, Marissa – Cress

Meyer, Marissa – Scarlet

Meyer, Marissa – Winter

Mills, Emma – Famous in a Small Town

Mills, Emma – First & Then

Mills, Emma – Foolish Hearts

Mills, Emma – Lucky Caller

Mills, Emma – This Adventure Ends

Miranda, Megan – The Last House Guest

Morgenstern, Erin – The Night Circus

Moriarty, Liane – Big Little Lies

Moriarty, Liane – Nine Perfect Strangers

Moyes, Jojo – Me Before You

Moyes, Jojo – One Plus One

Moyes, Jojo – The Last Letter from Your Lover

Nash, Charlotte – The Paris Wedding

O’Leary, Beth – The Flatshare

O’Leary, Beth – The Switch

Omer, Mike – In the Darkness

Pennell, Julie – Louisiana Lucky

Pennell, Julie – The Young Wives Club

Pettrey, Dani – Cold Shot

Pettrey, Dani – Still Life

Quinn, Kate Karyus – (Don’t You) Forget About Me

Reid, Taylor Jenkins – One True Loves

Richmond, Michelle – The Marriage Pact

Rivers, Francine – A Path to Redeeming Love: A Forty Day Devotional

Rossi, Veronica – Into the Still Blue

Rowell, Rainbow – Fangirl

Rowell, Rainbow – Landline

Scherm, Rebecca – Unbecoming

Scottoline, Lisa – One Perfect Lie

Serle, Rebecca – Famous in Love

Shannon, Samantha – The Mime Order

Shirk, Jennifer – Catch Him if You Can

Shirk, Jennifer – Wrong Brother, Right Match

Slaughter, Karin – Cop Town

Slaughter, Karin – Criminal

Slaughter, Karin – Pieces of Her

Slaughter, Karin – The Good Daughter

Slaughter, Karin – The Kept Woman

Slaughter, Karin – The Last Widow

Slaughter, Karin – Triptych

Stiefvater, Maggie – Blue Lily, Lily Blue

Stiefvater, Maggie – The Raven King

Stone, Tamara Ireland – Every Last Word

Stoneley, Zara – Bridesmaids

Swanson, Peter – All the Beautiful Lies

Swanson, Peter – Eight Perfect Murders

Torre, Alessandra – The F List

Thorne, Sally – The Hating Game

Watson, Kate – Seeking Mansfield

Watt, Erin – One Small Thing

Watt, Erin – When It’s Real

West, Kasie – Listen to Your Heart

West, Kasie – Love, Life, and the List

West, Kasie – P.S. I Like You

West, Kasie – The Fill-In Boyfriend

White, Kiersten – Illusions of Fate

White, Kiersten – Mind Games

White, Kiersten – Perfect Lies

Winters, Rachel – Would Like to Meet

Zapata, Mariana – Dear Aaron

Zapata, Mariana – The Wall of Winnipeg and Me


Abbot, Megan – The Fever

Ahdieh, Renee – The Rose and the Dagger

Arlidge, M.J. – Pop Goes the Weasel

Armentrout, Jennifer – Don’t Look Back

Armentrout, Jennifer – Half-Blood

Armentrout, Jennifer – Opposition

Armentrout, Jennifer – Origin

Armentrout, Jennifer – Pure

Armentrout, Jennifer – Sentinel

Armentrout, Jennifer – The Return

Barclay, Linwood – A Tap on the Window

Bennett, Jenn – Alex, Approximately

Bennett, Jenn – Chasing Lucky

Bennett, Jenn – Serious Moonlight

Benway, Robin – Emmy & Oliver

Blaedel, Sara – The Forgotten Girls

Bloom, Anna – Gone

Bloom, Anna – The Art of Keeping Faith

Bloom, Anna – The Art of Letting Go

Bocci, Nina – Meet Me on Love Lane

Bocci, Nina – On the Corner of Love and Hate

Brennan, Sarah Rees – Untold

Campbell, Michele – The Wife Who Knew Too Much

Campbell, Stacey – Hush

Candlish, Louise – The Other Passenger

Carpenter, Emily – The Weight of Lies

Cass, Kiera – The One

Castillo, Linda – Her Last Breath

Clare, Cassandra, City of Heavenly Fire

Crane, Genevieve Sly – Sorority

Cross, Julie – Whatever Life Throws at You

Crossan, Sarah – Resist

Cruz, Melissa de la – Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe

Curran, Kitty & Zageris, Larissa – My Lady’s Choosing

Damico, Gina – Waste of Space

Dave, Laura – Eight Hundred Grapes

Dawn, Sasha – Oblivion

Demetrios, Heather – I’ll Meet You There

Demetrios, Heather – Something Real

Diamond, Katerina – The Heatwave

Diamond, Katerina – Woman in the Water

Donlea, Charlie – The Girl Who Was Taken

Donne, Alexa – Brightly Burning

Dorset, Skylar – The Girl Who Never Was

Ferris, Joshua – Then We Came to the End

Fisher, Tarryn – The Wives

Fitzpatrick, Huntley – The Boy Most Likely To

Flexer, Allison K. – Truth, Lies, and the Single Woman: Dispelling 10 Common Myths

Gibson, Eva V. – Together We Caught Fire

Goldin, Megan – The Escape Room

Goldin, Megan – The Night Swim

Grant, Mira – Into the Drowning Deep

Greene, Andy – The Office

Gregorio, I.W. – None of the Above

Grover Swank, Denise – Always You

Gupta, Ritu K. – Awakening Colors

Haas, Abigail – Dangerous Boys

Haddix, T L – Firefly Hollow

Hall, Araminta – Our Kind of Cruelty

Hannon, Irene – One Perfect Spring

Harding, Robyn – The Party

Harmon, Amy – A Different Blue

Hawkins, Rachel – Rebel Belle

Heaberlin, Julia – We Are All the Same in the Dark

Hendircks, Greer and Pekkanen, Sarah – An Anonymous Girl

Higgins, Kristan – Life and other Inconveniences

Hoang, Helen – The Bride Test

Hockman, Angie – Shipped

Hodge, Sibel – Look Behind You

Hodkin, Michelle – The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Holahan, Cate – One Little Secret

Holford, Jody – More Than Friends

Hooper, Karen Amanda – Grasping at Eternity (Kindrily #1)

Hoover, Colleen – Maybe Someday

Hoover, Colleen & Fisher, Tarryn – Never Never

Howard, A. G. – RoseBlood

Hunter, Denise – Blue Ridge Sunrise

Hunter, Denise – Bookshop by the Sea

Hunter, Denise – Honeysuckle Dreams

Jewell, Lisa – Watching You 

Jagears, Melissa – A Bride for Keeps

Jeng, Sarah Zachrich – The Other Me

Joyce, Samantha – Flirting with Fame

Kaufman, Amie & Kristoff, Jay – Illuminae

Kelly, Erin – He Said/She Said

Kemmerer, Brigid – Sacrifice

Kemmerer, Brgid – Secret

Kemmerer, Brigid – Spark

Kemmerer, Brigid – Spirit

Kemmerer, Brigid – Thicker Than Water

Kendrick, Beth – In Dog We Trust

Khoury, Jessica – The Forbidden Wish

Kinsella, Sophie – Love Your Life

Kirby, Jessi – Things We Know by Heart

Klassen, Julie – The Tutor’s Daughter

Knoll, Jessica – Luckiest Girl Alive

Krys, Michelle – Dead Girls Society

LaFevers, Robin – Grave Mercy

Landers, Melissa – Alienated

Lauren, Christina – Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating

Lauren, Christina – The Soulmate Equation

Lauren, Christina – Twice in a Blue Moon

Layne, Lauren – Passion on Park Avenue

London, Alex – Proxy

London, Ophelia, et al – Backstage Pass: The Complete Series

London, Ophelia – Kissing her Crush

Lord, Emery – The Map from Here to There

Lu, Marie – The Young Elites

Lynn, J. – Trust in Me

Lyons, C J – Hollow Bones

Lyons, C J – Watched

Maas, Sarah J. – A Court of Thorns and Roses

Maas, Sarah J. – A Court of Wings and Ruin

Madsen, Cindi – The Mistletoe Trap

Madsen, Cindi – The Wedding Deal

Mae, Cassie – The Real Thing

Mafi, Tahereh – Fracture Me

Mallory, Ashlee – Her Accidental Husband

Mallory, Ashlee – Her Surprise Engagement

Mallory, Ashlee – The Playboy’s Proposal

Martin, Alexia – Blitzed

Martin, Holly – Fairytale Beginnings

McMann, Lisa – Crash

Mead, Richelle – Bloodline series (Books 1-3)

Mead, Richelle – The Fiery Heart

Mead, Richelle – The Ruby Circle

Mead, Richelle – Vampire Academy Series

Meyer, Marissa – Renegades

Meyer, Stephenie – Midnight Sun

Miranda, Megan – The Girl from Widow Hills

Miranda, Megan – The Perfect Stranger

Monir, Alexandra – Suspicion

Moretti, Kate – The Vanishing Year

Morgenstern, Erin – The Starless Sea

Moriarty, Liane – The Hypnotist’s Love Story

Moyes, Jojo – After You

Newman, Stella – Pear Shaped

Newman, T.J. – Falling

Painchaud, Michelle – Pretending to be Erica

Pekkanen, Sarah – The Ever After

Pekkanen, Sarah – The Perfect Neighbors

Perkins, Stephanie – Anna and the French Kiss

Petroff, Shani – My New Crush Gave to Me

Pettrey, Dani – Blind Spot

Pettrey, Dani – Sabotaged

Pettrey, Dani – Shattered

Pettrey, Dani – Silenced

Poston, Ashley – Geekerella: A Fangirl Fairy Tale

Reid, Taylor Jenkins – Malibu Rising

Reid, Taylor Jenkins – Maybe in Another Life

Reilly, Matthew – The Great Zoo of China

Ritter, William – Jackaby

Robotham, Michael – Good Girl, Bad Girl

Rooper, Leah & Kate – Just One of the Royals

Rous, Emma – The Perfect Guests

Rowell, Rainbow – Carry On

Schwab, V.E. – A Darker Shade of Magic

Schwab, V.E. – A Gathering of Shadows

Shalvis, Jill – Hot Winter Nights

Shalvis, Jill – He’s so Fine

Shannon, Samantha – The Bone Season

Shepard, Sara – Reputation

Shepherd, Peng – The Book of M

Shirk, Jennifer – Bargaining with the Boss

Shirk, Jennifer – Romancing His Rival

Sise, Katie – The Boyfriend App

Slaughter, Karin – Unseen

Solomon, Rachel Lynn – The Ex Talk

Soule, Sherry – Lost in Starlight

Stage, Zoje – Baby Teeth

Stauffer, Amanda – Match Made in Manhattan

Stevenson, Benjamin – Trust Me When I Lie

Stiefvater, Maggie – The Raven Boys

Stiefvater, Maggie – The Scorpio Races

Stolarz, Laurie Faria – Shutter

Stoneley, Zara – The First Date

Stoneley, Zara – Four Christmases and a Secret

Thompson, Shannon A. – Minutes Before Sunset

Thorne, Jenn Marie – The Wrong Side of Right

Tijan – Fallen Crest High Series

Tijan – The Insiders

Tintera, Amy – Reboot

Tremayne, S.K. – The Ice Twins

Tucker, K.A. – Say You Still Love Me

Tudor, C.J. – The Chalk Man

Tudor, C.J. The Hiding Place

Tudor, C.J. – The Other People

Van Hulzen, Lara – Remember Me

Van Praag, Menna – The Dress Shop of Dreams

Vincent, Rachel – My Soul to Take

Wade, Becky – Sweet on You

Walker, Wendy – Emma in the Night

Ware, Ruth – The Woman in Cabin 10

Watson, Kate – Lovestruck

Watson, Kate – Shoot the Moon

Watt, Erin – Fallen Heir

Weiss, Sonya – Wedding Date Rescue

West, Kasie – Pivot Point

Westerfeld, Scott – Zeroes

Wood, Michael – The Murder House

Zart, Lindy – Roomies


Albom, Mitch – The First Phone Call from Heaven

Aveyard, Victoria – Red Queen

Bardugo, Leigh – Ninth House

Bick, Ilsa – Monsters

Blackhurst, Jenny – How I Lost You

Blount, Kelly Anne – I Hate You, Fuller James

Bohjalian, Chris – The Guest Room

Buxbaum, Julie – Admission

Chapman, Elsie – Divided

Chase, Bethany – One Night at the Lake

Chavez, Heather – No Bad Deed

Clark, Georgia – The Regulars

Collins, Megan – The Winter Sister

DeWitt, Jasper – The Patient

Donovan, Rebecca – What If

Doyle, Catherine – Vendetta

Elliott, Lexie – How to Kill Your Best Friend

Fama, Elizabeth – Monstrous Beauty

Fenton, Liz & Steinke, Lisa – Girls’ Night Out

Foreman, Gayle – Just One Day

Fram, John – The Bright Lands

Frances, Michelle – The Temp

Gibson, Eva V. – Where Secrets Lie

Gray, Claudia – A Thousand Pieces of You

Halsall, Rona – The Honeymoon

Han, Jenny – P.S. I Still Love You

Hannon, Irene – Trapped

Hanover, Rebecca – The Similars

Harrington, Rebecca – Sociable

Harrison, A.S.A. – The Silent Wife

Heaberlin, Julia  Paper Ghosts

Hendricks, Greer and Pekkanen, Sarah – You Are Not Alone

Hogle, Sarah – You Deserve Each Other

Hoover, Colleen – Confess

Hunt, Margot – For Better and Worse

Hunter, Denise – Lake Season

Jackson, Kwana – Real Men Knit

Jensen, Louise – The Date

Jewell, Lisa – Invisible Girl

Jones, Sandie – The Other Woman

Jones – Tanen – The Better Liar

Kanter, Marisa – What I Like About You

Kellerman, Jonathan – The Murderer’s Daughter

Kepnes, Caroline – Providence

Kepnes, Caroline – You Love Me

Klassen, Julie – The Dancing Master

Klaven, Andrew – The Last Thing I Remember

Knoll, Jessica – The Favorite Sister

Lauren, Christina – Dark Wild Night

Lelic, Simon – The New Neighbors

Logan, T.M. – 29 Seconds

Lord, Emery – The Names They Gave Us

Lu, Marie – The Rose Society

Macallister, Greer – The Magician’s Lie

Mafi, Tahereh – Imagine Me

Mafi, Tahereh – Restore Me

Marrs, John – The Minders

Miranda, Megan – Such a Quiet Place

Monzon, Sarah – The Isaac Project

Moreno-Garcia, Silvia – Mexican Gothic

Nugent, Liz – Little Cruelties

Orenstein, Hannah – Head Over Heels

Pettrey, Dani – The Killing Tide

Richmonde, Arianne – The Newlyweds

Ripley, Nathan – Find You in the Dark

Roehrig, Caleb – Last Seen Leaving

Roth, Veronica – Allegiant

Sager, Riley – Final Girls

Schultz, Emily – Little Threats

Sittenfeld, Curtis – Sisterland

Sonneborn, Julie – By the Book

St. Amant, Betsy – All’s Fair in Love and Cupcakes

Suzuma, Tabitha – Forbidden

Walters, Damien Angelica – The Dead Girls Club

Williams, Jen – A Dark and Secret Place

Wrobel, Stephanie – Darling Rose Gold


Bliss, Alison – Size Matters

Harlow, Jennifer – Beautiful Maids All in a Row

Larsen, Melissa – Shutter

Maas, Sarah J. – Throne of Glass

Perkins, Stephanie – There’s Someone Inside Your House

Rothman, Andrea – The DNA of You and Me

Stoker, Shannon – The Registry

Stone, Lisa – The Doctor

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