Reader Problems: Library Waiting List


Once upon a time I struggled with the idea of getting an e-reader. This is a problem only true readers understand. We love our books. We like looking at them on the shelf. We like being able to offer them to others (OR throwing them at people saying “READ THIS NOW” OR imagining a force field around them that will protect them from anyone else trying to touch them (other people might dog-ear a page, or spill something on it, or, you know, germs).

The clincher for me in deciding to go ahead and buy myself an e-reader was the possibility of library books. Of course actually going to a library would also work, but my inner, anxious, agoraphobic really liked the idea of borrowing free books without every changing out of pajama pants (and also, you know, germs). So I bought myself a Nook and now can’t imagine living without it. I’ve also gotten a TON of books from the library.

Do you know yours? A t-shirt to proclaim your library love.

The problem, though, is that there are only so many digital copies available at a time and the waiting lists are LONG. Of course there are those that say you shouldn’t complain about such things since it’s free and all, but this is America and I don’t only want it free, but I want it free now. So I go online and request a book I’m DYING to read and then it tells me I’m like #22 on the waiting list and there are 2 copies available. And the lending time of each book is 21 days. You do the math. (For real, you do the math because I’m not going to.)

So then usually by the time it’s finally my turn, I’ve read so many reviews of it already that I’ve inevitably been spoiled, or I’ve already gone ahead and bought the book. Which is,  of course, a whole other Reader Problem.

Nerd Girl Problem 113  this is so true for me thats why im getting an e-reader they`re so much cheaper

My most recent problem, I finally got My True Love Gave to Me and now the holiday season is over and I’m just not feeling it. So maybe if I request it again next October I’ll have it in time for next Christmas? Maybe?

Then there are the books I request and by the time it comes in I can’t remember, for the life of me, why I wanted to read it. So then I waste some time on a book that’s not my cup of tea, when I could be reading something more enjoyable.

Anyways, there’s no real point to this post. I just wanted to complain that waiting lists are annoying.

Do you suffer from this Reading Problem? What other Reader Problems do you face?