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Recently I’ve been tagged for a few blogger award tags and I thought I would combine them together into one post. I was tagged for: One Lovely Blog Award, nominated by A Novel Glimpse, The Versatile Blogger Award, nominated by Rainy Thursdays, and The Real Neat Blog Award, nominated again by A Novel Glimpse! So first of all, thank you for the tags, it’s always nice to get shout outs from some of my favorite bloggers!

The rules for the One Lovely Blog Award and The Versatile Blogger award include sharing 7 facts about yourself, so I’m going to combine those here and give you 14 FASCINATING (haha) facts about me!:

  1. I do not care at all about Halloween and I really don’t understand when people say it’s their favorite “holiday.”
  2. Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays – when I was younger we would spend several days at my Aunt and Uncle’s and the whole extended family was always there.
  3. I don’t think Christmas decorations should go up until December – or at least until after Thanksgiving.
  4. I don’t like Christmas music, except on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  5. Winter by Marissa Meyer is probably my most anticipated book of the year, but I still haven’t started it yet.
  6. I was on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication for about a year, but quit them cold turkey when I changed jobs and had insurance issues (I would not advise this).
  7. My niece is almost 7 months old, but since she lives in Canada I’ve only gotten to see her on two (several day) visits. Still, she’s my favorite.
  8. I get really bad motion sickness, especially on boats, even with Dramamine.
  9. I could watch Say Yes to the Dress and Four Weddings all day long, but will probably never even be close to getting married myself. Vicarious living, folks!
  10. I wanted my NaNoWriMo book this year to be a suspense with murder and corruption and shocking twists, but so far I’ve only written scenes involving the side plot of a fake relationship (it’s my favorite romance trope to read) and I’m considering just leaning into it and making it a full out Fake Relationship story.
  11. The future reboot of Gilmore Girls on Netflix makes me so happy I can’t form words about it.
  12. I graduated from college ten years ago next month,  have at least another ten years of paying off my school loans, and of the 4 jobs I’ve had since graduating, none of them have needed my Bachelor’s degree.
  13. I try to hold out turning on the heat as long as I can every year and finally gave in this past Thursday. But now I’m mad at myself because the weather is supposed to be in the 60s next week.
  14. I wish I would’ve taken a little bit longer to come up with a more creative blog name. Sometimes I think about changing it, but all the technical stuff that goes into doing that intimidates me and this is still too much of a hobby for me to spend money on it.
girl and book

For the Real Neat Blog Award, I get to answer 7 Questions posed by Deanna:

1. Name one song that fits the book you’re reading right now (Tell us the book, too!).

I’m re-reading Obsidian by JLA right now (though I’m really supposed to be writing instead…) and I honestly can’t think of a song that goes with it. I’m really bad about this type of thing.

2. Have you ever looked up a band and/or song after reading about it in a book?

I’m sure that I have, but I can’t think of examples right now.

3. On average, how long does it take you to read a book?

2-3 days normally, but there are always exceptions

4. Who is your favorite author?

Rainbow Rowell

5. Would you ever name a pet after a fictional character? Which one?

Absolutely! I have a list of characters I’d use, mostly from Jane Austen novels or YA Dystopians – it would depend on what the pet was like

6. Are you planning on writing your own novel?

Yes, but the execution of writing it never really happens the way I want it to.

7. Do you like your books (no matter what genre) to have a romance in them?

I’m ok if there’s no romance, but I don’t mind it either. Sometimes it depends on the couple and whether I like them or not.

Thank you again to A Novel Glimpse and Rainy Thursdays for tagging me for these! If you would like to participate in any (or all) of these, please feel free to tag yourself (fact #15 about me: I’m AWFUL at tagging people for these things!).