Review: Crash by Lisa McMann

Crash (Visions, #1)

Synopsis from Good Reads:

If what you see is what you get, Jules is in serious trouble. The suspenseful first of three books from the New York Times bestselling author of the Wake trilogy.

Jules lives with her family above their restaurant, which means she smells like pizza most of the time and drives their double-meatball-shaped food truck to school. It’s not a recipe for popularity, but she can handle that.

What she can’t handle is the recurring vision that haunts her. Over and over, Jules sees a careening truck hit a building and explode…and nine body bags in the snow.

The vision is everywhere—on billboards, television screens, windows—and she’s the only one who sees it. And the more she sees it, the more she sees. The vision is giving her clues, and soon Jules knows what she has to do. Because now she can see the face in one of the body bags, and it’s someone she knows. Someone she has been in love with for as long as she can remember.

In this riveting start to a gripping trilogy from New York Times bestselling author Lisa McMann, Jules has to act—and act fast—to keep her vision from becoming reality.

Crash has been on my TBR shelf for a good long while now. I thought the synopsis sounded like it could be interesting and the cover kind of intrigued me – except for the super arched eyebrow which kind of bugs me. But that could just be bitterness over my own need of frequent brow waxes…

So our main character is 16-year-old Jules, whose family-run pizza place is in the midst of a fierce rivalry with another pizza place that just happens to be owned by the family of her crush (or in 16-year-old speak: the great love of her life), Sawyer. So there’s the whole Romeo and Juliet vibe going on. Things get even more complicated when Jules starts to have increasingly frequent visions of a car crash and Sawyer is one of the victims.

What is Jules to do? I get that this is the central plot for the book, but there’s just soooooo much time spent with Jules watching and re-watching the vision (she sees it on billboards, in reflections and on the tv or computer…). There’s a lot of contemplating whether or not she’s gone crazy. There is just not a lot that happens in the book outside of Jules’ head and vision.

While Jules was a pretty well-developed character, I didn’t find her all that likable. I did enjoy her close relationship with her siblings, especially her brother Trey. I liked Sawyer, but he could’ve been a little more developed. He hadn’t talked to Jules in years and his big turnaround towards the end of the book seemed a little bit forced.

While Jules ultimately figures out how to understand and deal with the vision (yay!), it’s never explained why she has it. Does it run in the family? Is she psychic? Will it happen to her again? There is a twist at the end that I found interesting and will carry those questions into the next book in the series.

Overall, Crash was ok for me. It’s short chapters made it easy to read and the mystery was enough to keep me turning the page. I’m interested enough to read the rest of the series, but not interested enough that I’ll be doing it any time soon.

Rating (out of 5)
Plot: 3
Characters: 2
Readability: 4
Enjoyability: 2
Overall Average: 2.75 Stars. Let’s round that up to 3 stars