Burn Out

There are seriously very few things I do in my personal time. Mostly there is reading and there is blogging. I’m still reading, though not with the zeal I usually have for it. But blogging is just…not doing it for me lately.

I finished a book yesterday that I wanted to write a review for and I spent probably an hour writing and re-writing the first paragraph before finally giving up on it. For some reason, I just feel burnt out on writing reviews. I can’t figure out how to start them, how to transition from one point to the next. When I do finally write something, I realize after I publish it that I forgot tons of points I wanted to make. There is not one review I’ve written this year that I’m proud of. I honestly can’t think of the last review I wrote where I thought, “yes, that’s a good one.”

The Worst

I also get discouraged comparing my blogs to others. My viewing stats, followership stats are probably better than I ever expected them to be, but then I’ll come across a blog with thousands of followers or blogs that get more views in day than I get in a year and I just don’t get it. Some of the blogs are super fun and clever. But some of the other blogs I think, “Really? That many people like this? My post was better than that.” (*Note, that is a rare thought, indeed, as I mentioned above, I don’t think my posts are great.) I see blogs that get all sorts of free books to review when I get turned down more than I get approved.

So, anyways, this is just a grumpy, I Hate Everything sort of day. I blame all the snow. I’m going to try to come up with some more standard outline for reviews that will help me with my writers block. But until then, I’ll probably be sticking with random pictures of funny things I find on Pinterest.