Convince me to buy a Kindle

I bought a Nook a few years ago and I have loved it. It’s basically my favorite thing in life. However, sometimes the things we love hurt us.

Because I have an older version of the Nook that doesn’t connect to the internet (other than the Nook store), I have to download library books on my computer and transfer them to my Nook via Adobe Digital Editions. When it works, it’s easy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work. On several occasions I get error messages for no apparent reason. I discovered a fix for it in the past, but after trying it several times last night, it still wasn’t working. After much tears and prayer, I decided to try it one last time and it fixed it. I am feeling pretty fed up with the whole thing, though.

Only poor bookworms can understand how important it is to have access to library books. And only poor bookworms with major anxiety can understand how important e-library books are. I don’t want to go through this experience again, so I am really thinking it’s time for a new e-reader. I thought about a newer version of the Nook, but I have read that some of them have had lots of problems with getting books from Overdrive so it might be time for a Kindle.

I don’t want anything fancy, so I’m not interested in the Kindle Fire. I prefer it not to be backlit either, as it kind of hurts my eyes. So, my questions to you, that I really hope I get some responses on, are:

  1. What model of Kindle do you have?
  2. Do you get library books on it? If so, have you had any problems with it?
  3. Do you pay for Kindle Unlimited? If so, have you found it to be worth the money? And if you are familiar with the type of books I like, do you think it would be worth my money?
  4. Have you used any other brand of e-reader? How do they compare?

I’m very hesitant about switching from Nook to Kindle, so if you love your Kindle, please convince me why I would too.

Adobe Digital Editions + Nook Help Needed!

As much as I love actual physical books, I love getting books on my Nook. I bought my Nook specifically with getting books from the library on it in mind. I’ve been able to download books and read them on the Nook for years, but lately I’m having an issue. Once it’s finally my turn to download a book, I download the epub to Adobe Digital Editions and then copy it to my Nook. When I go to open it in my Nook, I get the following error.

“This book has been returned. Loan not on record.”

However, I can still read the book in ADE and in my library apps. It still shows up on my Borrowing page on the library website, but no matter how many times I try to remove it and download it again, it doesn’t work. A week or so ago, I was able to get it to work by restarting my Nook a couple times, but now it’s not working. I’ve been trying to look it up online and have found that other people have had this problem, but not one site has an answer to actually fix it. I made a new forum entry and sent tweets to both Adobe and Nook, but haven’t gotten an answer yet.

Can anybody help me? I am so, so frustrated about this right now. You all know how cheap I am, so I really depend on the library to read all the books. I’m kind of tempted to go buy a Kindle just to fix this problem.


After spending hours going through the forums I FINALLY found a fix for this. For anyone else that might have this problem, I’ll share: I uninstalled the latest version (it was 4.5 I think?) and downloaded version 3.0. Then I unauthorized the computer and Nook and then re-authorized. Then I downloaded again from the library and moved it over to Nook and Voila! It opened on my Nook just fine. I can’t even tell you how happy this has made me!