WWW Wednesday: April 21, 2021


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What did you recently finish reading?

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Second First Impressions by Sally Thorne. This started off really slow, but I ultimately enjoyed it. Not as good as The Hating Game, but way better than 99 Percent Mine.

What are you currently reading?

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Falling by T.J. Newman. This debut book has already made the author millions of dollars, so I have really high expectations for it.

What do you think you’ll read next?

I’m kind of in a mood, so I’m not sure what will catch my interest next.

What are you reading?

17 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: April 21, 2021

  1. I really disliked 99 Percent Mine. I have been hoping this one would be better! I am working my way through the Night Huntress World by Jeaniene Frost. I am getting a bit tired of Vampires 😂 I am almost finished with The Allure of Julian LeFray. Not my favorite RS Grey book but I am still enjoying it.

    • Lol. I haven’t read any vampire stories in awhile. I think I liked the Julian LeFray book, but I HATED the one that came after it (Dean something I think?). The main female character drove me insane and I DNF-ed it. Everyone else gave it rave reviews, though.
      I hope that this Sally Thorne book works for you! Most of the reviews I’ve seen have been either DNFs or 4/5 Stars, so I have no idea how anyone else will think of it haha.

      • I am about to start the Dean Harper book and yeah I can see why you felt that way about Lily. She got on my nerves the little bit she was in the Julian book. I am excited about her food blog and I really like Dean but I will lower my expectations. Sometimes that is best anyway. I hate when the reviews for books are love it or hate it. It makes me wary to pick it up. I don’t want to be one of the ones hating it!

  2. I get the being in a mood thing. That was me last week. I had a hard time finding something to keep my attention. I hope you find the perfect book.
    I am glad Thorne’s book ended up being a good read for you. I just got it from the library.

    • Thanks! I have 3 other library books I want to get to, but none of them looked interesting to me right now. I’m really interested to hear what you think of the Thorne book. All the other reviews I see seem to either be DNFs or 4/5 Stars.

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