Streaming Saturday: I Still Believe

We all love books here, but I thought I might start dedicating some posts on Saturdays to highlight one of my other loves – TV!

What I’m watching

I Still Believe Poster

I Still Believe – rented on Amazon. 
The true-life story of Christian music star Jeremy Camp and his journey of love and loss that looks to prove there is always hope.

Why I’m Watching

I first heard Jeremy Camp’s music when I was in college and it has really meant a lot to me over the years. I’ve had the opportunity to see him in concert a few times (the below picture is from a concert from 2004 lol) and I heard him tell the story of this movie. I cried at that concert and I really cried at this movie. It’s a sad story, but it’s also really beautiful. I cannot recommend it enough. 

I did struggle with the casting just a bit. I just kept picturing all the stupid things Archie Andrews has done on Riverdale and had kind of a hard time seeing the actor as sweet Jeremy Camp. And while he’s a talented singer, he’s definitely no Jeremy Camp. However, overall I think he did a good job.

Watch If You Like…

Movies that are based on a true story

Inspirational stories

The music of Jeremy Camp

What are you streaming right now?

5 thoughts on “Streaming Saturday: I Still Believe

  1. I’ve wanted to see this one since I saw the preview in the theater (wow…how long ago was THAT). I bet I would cry because I cried at the preview! I bet it would be so much more impactful having been to that concert. BTW, you haven’t aged a bit!

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