Streaming Saturday: Making the Cut

We all love books here, but I thought I might start dedicating some posts on Saturdays to highlight one of my other loves – TV!

What I’m watching

Making the Cut Poster

Making the Cut on Amazon Prime. A group of designers compete in New York, Paris and Tokyo to bring their brands to a new level. So far there is one completed season. 

Why I’m Watching

Though I’m certainly not very fashionable, I always enjoyed watching Project Runway. I was sad when Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn announced they were leaving the show, but then it was announced they were doing a new, similar show on Amazon. It was one of those shows that released episodes weekly instead of dropping all at once, so I was resistant to start it. Recently, I was looking for something to watch that I didn’t have to pay too much attention to when I stumbled upon Making the Cut and decided to finally give it a try.

I found the show enjoyable. It was VERY similar to Project Runway, though. The biggest differences I noticed were:

-The designers are assigned seamstresses and give them patterns to work on overnight.
-At least two outfits are done for every challenge. One look is supposed to be “accessible” for the masses and the challenge winner’s design was put up for purchase on Amazon.
-Unless I missed it, Tim never says “Make it work.”

Watch If You Like…

Project Runway

America’s Next Top Model

What are you streaming right now?

11 thoughts on “Streaming Saturday: Making the Cut

  1. I haven’t really watched any of the shows here. My reality TV is pretty much limited to dance shows and then whatever my husband watches. We’ve been streaming season 2 of The Boys this week.

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