WWW Wednesday: June 19, 2019


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What are you currently reading?


No Exit by Taylor Adams. This is one I’ve been looking forward to for awhile. It’s started off pretty slow, but I’m starting to get into it more now.

What did you recently finish reading?

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When Summer Ends by Jessica Pennington and Coldhearted Boss by R.S. Grey. Both were ok, but kind of forgettable.

What do you think you’ll read next?


Good Girl, Bad Girl by Michael Robotham. I need to get back on track with my ARCs.

What are you reading?

21 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: June 19, 2019

  1. When Summer Ends is on my book wish list. I am still debating whether to spend $9.99 on the Kindle version or wait until it drops to a lower price. But, if it’s forgettable, maybe I will take it off the list.

  2. When Summer Ends was one I was curious about. I read her first book and liked it, but not sure if that was enough to read this one. I think I’ll pass if you thought it was just okay.

  3. I have a copy of Good Girl, Bad Girl…but I’m going to wait until you read it before I decide to try it. 🙂 Lately most romance novels are all pretty forgettable to me – I haven’t loved RS Grey’s recent books, either. Ugh. I don’t know what my deal is. I hope you end up liking No Exit. That one was way hyped and I liked it.

    • The pressure is on now! haha I’ve only read a few RS Grey books and there’s only one that I have really liked. I have been vacillating between being really into Contemporary and then really into Thrillers, so it’s been kind of weird. I’m almost done with No Exit. It’s not quite living up to my expectations, but it’s not bad.

  4. I’ll be interested to see what you think of Robotham’s books. Overall he’s been a solid author for me, so I’m looking forward to this one.

  5. Great post!

    I haven’t read No Exit yet, but I keep hearing about this book. What’s it about?

    I recently just finished reading In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. Really good!

    Currently reading Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

    • No Exit is about a girl that gets stuck at a rest stop during a snow storm and discovers one of the fellow travelers is a kidnapper. It was an ok book, but not as twisty and pulse-pounding as I expected. I haven’t read In a Dark, Dark Wood yet, but I want to. And I hope you’re enjoying Maybe in Another Life. It was different, but I enjoyed it.

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