31 thoughts on “Reviewing the Unreviewed: August 2018

  1. I definitely want to read that Denise Hunter series. I have a problem with her books because I loved The Convenient Groom so much and then none of the other ones seem quite as good haha I’m also adding A Noise Downstairs.

    Reading through these thoughts I was struck again by how weird it is that so many YA/chick lit kind of reads have really unlikable, or barely likable, female leads. The guy is always incredibly sweet and amazing, and then the chick is a mess. I just think it’s funny that society is always going on about unrealistic expectations placed on women, but I think the really unrealistic expectations are placed on men – they’re supposed to be some crazy blend of hot, sweet, funny, caring, supportive, thoughtful, yet edgy and maybe ride a motorcycle, and they also have to completely ignore every negative aspect of a woman’s character! I don’t know. I’ve just been noticing lately that it seems like a lot of books make a lot of excuses for their female leads to have a lot of attitude issues, but expect the males to not only not have any attitude issues of their own, but to excuse the female’s issues completely. It doesn’t seem exactly fair…

    • I’d look forward to hearing what you think of this Denise Hunter series. There’s a book that’s kind of a prequel to the series – “Sweetbriar Cottage” – which you don’t have to read first, but it’s my favorite Hunter book, so I’m still going to suggest it!

      I agree the male leads in contemporaries are always unrealistic. I think because the majority of these writers are women that they make their perfect guy, but try to make the female more “real” and “relatable”. And then male authors think all guys are perfect and women are crazy anyways lol. (This is obviously a generalization.)

  2. Unsub is really good, when you’re in the mood for it. I think the second book was even better. I can’t wait to read The Craftsman!! I’m getting that one to read around Halloween.

  3. I hope I like The Similars more than you did! The blurb sounds so fantastic. I have Lies coming up so I’m excited to get to it now. Looking forward to Craftsman review. Happy Friday 🙂

    • I hope you enjoy The Similars much more than I did, too! There was a lot of political overtones in it that annoyed me and I thought the twists were obvious and the characters weren’t very developed. But maybe I was in a mood? I hope you enjoy Lies, too! That one I found very entertaining and there were even some parts that managed to surprise me.

  4. All in all, a bunch of positive reads for you. I really like how you explain why a book didn’t work for you. That helps readers decide for themselves, based on their own tastes. Happy Friday and happy reading!

  5. I remember reading Better Off Friends years ago, when it was released, and I loved it very much, but now I can’t recall much about it, I forgot so much about the story.
    I can see you read really interesting books, I wish you liked them more though, but then again when we read mediocre books, it makes us appreciate the great ones better.

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    • While I do like paranormal reads from time to time, I want to know that they have those aspects before I read them, I think that’s what my problem was with the Like Us books. It wasn’t what I thought they were and maybe if I knew beforehand, I would have felt differently (though I still would have been bothered by the lack of explanation). I think I read A Kiss in the Dark because of you, so I kinda knew going in it wouldn’t be my new favorite book or anything, but I did enjoy it!

    • In general, I just don’t like being surprised with a genre change. If I knew from the beginning it was going to be like that, I would’ve been fine with it, but I just found myself unable to take the ending seriously. I still liked the book, though!

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