Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Romance Novels

I wasn’t really interested in today’s Top 5 Wednesday prompt, so I decided to borrow a topic I missed from when I was on hiatus. So for me, today’s topic is: Favorite Romance Novels. Straight up romance novels aren’t usually ones I reach for very often, but there are a few that I love.


1. The Hating Game by Sally Thorne. I love almost everything about this book. It’s so funny and cute.


2. Dating You / Hating You by Christina Lauren. Can you tell I like Hate-to-Love stories?


3. Walk of Shame by Lauren Layne. Honestly, I could list pretty much every Lauren Layne book I’ve read. They’re always so cute.


4. Wrong Brother, Right Match by Jennifer Shirk. This book reminded me so much a Hallmark Christmas movie.


5. The Best Man by Kristan Higgins. Kristan Higgins is my definite go-to for romance novels and this is just one of my many favorites by her. She appears to be shifting her focus over to Women’s Fiction, which at first really annoyed me, even though they’re just as good as her romances. I’m coming around to it, though.

What are some of your favorite romance novels?

28 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Romance Novels

  1. I read Hating Game on the recommendation of everyone and though I can see why the romance itself was good, man was I not on board with the two main characters haha. It was their personalities themselves that I was irked with as it put forth this image of the ideal mate being not anyone but each other, it seemed.

    • Aw I am sorry you didn’t like it. I can see your point, though. If you look too deeply at it, it actually seems like a pretty unhealthy relationship. But the banter made me lol, so I kinda looked past that haha.

    • The Hating Game is so good! I had thought she had a book that was supposed to be out last month (after being delayed) and then when I went to look it up on Good Reads it said it had been shelved indefinitely! She does have another one that’s supposed to come out sometime, though. I love The Best Man. It’s the start of the Blue Heron series, which I really enjoyed.

  2. So I need to read Wrong Brother Right Match and The Hating Game then! Those are the two I haven’t read. I did love the other three, though. I think my favorite Higgins book in that series was Waiting on You.

    • I love that whole Blue Heron series. Definitely one of my favorite romance series. I can’t believe you haven’t read The Hating Game! I think you will love that one. Jennifer Shirk romances definitely fall more on the cute side, but I think you would probably still like it.

  3. I prefer women’s fiction to romance, but I know many authors have written great straight-out romances before they switched over to women’s fiction. I haven’t read Jennifer Shirk’s book, probably because I think my book The Right Wrong Man came out before her title of Wrong Brother, Right Match. 🙂 My book isn’t straight romance though – more suspense with romance. Love your post here – I’m saving for when I’m in a mood for some fun romance.

    • Thank you! I would say I’d rather read Women’s Fiction before straight up Romance most of the time, but there are some romances I very much enjoy. I need to be in the right mood for it, though. Your book titles are pretty similar! It’s probably hard to come up with one that isn’t close to something out?

  4. I loved the Hating Game, it was a really fun read. One of my favorite romance series (because I can’t choose just one book) is the Knitting in the City series by Penny Reid they’re hilarious! 🙂

  5. YES to anything by Lauren Layne! I have so many of hers to read but she’s always a go-to for romance reads!

    I just finished the audiobook for Dating You / Hating You and really enjoyed it! It was a lot fun and super sweet too! Very different vibe from the other Christina Lauren novels I’ve read in the past.

    • I really liked Layne’s The Wedding Belles series and I’m loving her I Do, I Don’t series right now. I’m glad you enjoyed Dating You/Hating You. I had only read one book from her before that and it was not really my cup of tea, so I appreciated the different vibe this one had!

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