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I was tagged for this awhile ago by Deanna over at A Novel Glimpse. I don’t think I ever did it and I am in the mood for a book tag, so I thought I would do it now. Thanks for the tag, Deanna!

How do you find out about new books to read?

Mostly by blog hopping or Good Reads. Book bloggers are the best source for recommendations I think. Also, by browsing NetGalley.

How has your taste in books changed since you got older?

I’ve always enjoyed mysteries and I think that has just intensified as I got older. Over just the last year or so I’m finding that I’m having less interest in YA titles. Not all, of course. There are still plenty of YA authors I love and YA books I’m looking forward to, I just used to pretty much read anything and everything YA and I have a little less patience with some of them now.

How often do you buy books?

A couple times a year. I’m super stingy when it comes to buying things. I’ve actually bought way more books so far this year than I normally do (I think I’ve bought 5), but they’ve almost all been on the cheaper e-book side.

How did you get into book reviewing?

When I first started to get really back into reading a lot I joined Good Reads. It was when I was reading someone’s review that said there was an early copy of a book I really wanted to read available at NetGalley that I started researching what that was and I wanted to have a place to be able to review so I could request it.


How do you react when you don’t like the end of a book?

I don’t usually have a super strong reaction. I’ll just feel disappointed.

How often do you sneak peak at the ending to see if there is a happy ending?

Never! The only time I will ever peak at the ending is if I have decided to stop reading the book. Usually if I decide to DNF I don’t even care what happens, but sometimes I want to know.

How do you read books? Do you agree/disagree with any of my answers?

Feel free to tag yourself if you would like to do this!


18 thoughts on “How I Read Book Tag

  1. You’re welcome for the tag! Gosh, it’s been forever since I’ve done one, too. I loved reading your answers. The community is definitely one of my favorite places to get recommendations. 🙂

    • It depends on how far into it I DNF it and also what kind of book. If there’s some big mysterious element that’s been alluded to a lot before I decide to quit I’ll look up the ending. But if it’s like a romance or something, I don’t bother.

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  3. I admire your restraint when it comes to buying books!
    Just the other day i bought 14 books in one sitting. They were for kindle, and on sale so won’t break the bank, but i still have plenty of books i own but haven’t read 🙄😶

  4. Totally agree with book blogger recommendations! I have found so many titles on blog reviews whereas I never read the ones in the papers, ha.
    And I vividly recall the day I discovered Netgalley- what a goldmine 😀 Luckily I have a really strong grasp on my finger when it comes to hitting that request button so I never managed to dig myself into an enormous review backlog hole 😀

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