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I saw this tag awhile back over at Cover to Cover (go check her out!) and thought it looked fun. Feel free to tag yourself if you’d like.

The last three books you read?

34947373  33151805  28591464

The Party by Robyn Harding, Into the Water by Paula Hawkins, Always My Girl by Samantha Chase

Spoilers or spoiler free?

I usually try to write my reviews spoiler free, but sometimes I can’t help myself and need to talk about something specific and spoilery. I always put up a spoiler warning, though. When it comes to reading other people’s reviews I’m fine with spoilers as long as there’s a warning. There are some books I go looking for spoilers for and others that I don’t want to know anything about.

How long have you been book blogging?

Almost 4 years. Crazy!

A book you read in one sitting?


This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills

Your favorite genre?

This year has been mostly mysteries and suspense. I’m finally getting back into contemporaries, though, too.

Preferred book size? (novella, tome, etc)

I read most books on my Nook and the page count is always way off from what Good Reads says. But in Nook world, I would say I like around 250-350 pages.

Amount of books on your TBR?


A book you have DNF’d?


The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I hated the main character and just couldn’t get into the story at all.

Recent awards or milestones?

Nothing I can really think of.

Best interaction with an author you enjoy?

Meeting Leigh Bardugo was pretty cool.

Average number of books you read per month?

Around 10 or so

Top three publishers?

I don’t really have favorite publishers. I just read what looks interesting.

Social media sites your blog uses?


Average amount of time you spend on networking?

Um, about zero. I know, I suck.

Most comfortable blogging position?

I do all my blogging while sitting on my couch.

Music or quiet when writing reviews?

Tv on in background, but if I’m having trouble writing one I need quiet.

Can you sum up your blogging style in 5 words?

When I Feel Like It.

A blog you looked up to starting out?

There isn’t really one in particular. I didn’t really look at blogs before I started mine. But probably all the ones I followed in the beginning helped shape mine.

The best book you have reviewed so far?

26210523  27237358

So far this year the best ones have been Daisy in Chains by Sharon Bolton and Making Faces by Amy Harmon.

Best piece of blogging advice?

Don’t force content. I know everyone says you should post every day, but if you’re not feeling it or just throwing something together so you have a post, it shows. Some people can come up with great stuff and post every day and that’s great for them. But I started having much more fun with my blog when I stopped trying to keep up.

26 thoughts on “Blogger Stats Book Tag

  1. I think it’s mighty you did the tag! Whooo 🙂 I loved your answer to 5 things to sum up your blogging and also your blogging advice. Could not agree more with your advice!
    Thanks for the shoutout and I hope you had fun doing the tag 🙂

  2. Lol at ‘when feel like it’ for blogging, can’t fault that, it’s true for us all and well, blogging every day, hell no, I don’t read enough to review every day, I suck at discussion posts and memes every day would result in me getting moaned at by the ‘original’ content brigade!😂 So, yeah, totally agree about not forcing content.😀

    • I consider 2 reviews in a week super amazing (I would even settle for doing 1 a week, but it never turns out that way). For awhile it felt like all I was doing were memes and tags and I was repeating the same thing over and over and hated my blog. So now I space them out. There’s less content, but I at least it’s a little better (I hope).

  3. You have such a relaxed approach (and wonderful) approach to blogging and social media! I have to ask, was this always how you handled social media and reviews, or do you feel that it has become easier for you to allow yourself to just enjoy and post whenever as you blogged longer? 4 years is quite an impressive accomplishment! I hope I survive that long haha. Meeting Leigh Bardugo must have been awesome! Love the pic ❤

    • Thanks! When I first started I wanted my blog to be a lot bigger and more popular (don’t we all!), but I never really worked real hard at social media on it. I’ve seen people who try to “amass an army” of followers, but that’s just not my personality. I’ve always been the type of person to have a small group of friends and then only 1 or 2 good friends within that – and that’s kind of how blogging is for me, too. But, overall, I think when I shifted my mindset to blogging for me instead of blogging for others then I enjoy it a lot more – even if it means there are weeks where I don’t post anything.

  4. Ha, I totally agree about posting as much as you feel comfortable posting. As a reader of other blogs, I don’t feel like I want to read posts that are made up of “one quote”. Quality over quantity any day!

  5. Hello there Stephanie! I am new to blogging. I have read this post and quite a few of the comments on it. Now I actually feel shy to comment myself. Because I have the impression that everybody here in this blogger world is so professional – I am not. My blog is tiny (hardly existing) to this one (and others) but I am still a little bit proud of it. I post excerpts of my novel that I have written and when I read that you review books, then I’d love to know if you do that professionally? I have started submitting my novel but not been successful with getting a literary agent. I have also seen on other blogs, linked to this one, that people say they rather like pace but some don’t mind if it’s slow as long as the writing is good. I don’t know if I am allowed to put a link to my last excerpt here, but I’ll give it a try (I assume you’ll see this comment and can then decide whether to approve it or not!?):

    I’d love to get some feedback from you and maybe get a feel for where I stand. Thank you so much (if you are able to have a look sometime 🙂 ).

    Warm regards from Canada,

    • No need to feel shy about commenting! I think you will find that everyone loves getting comments on their posts. I am not professional at all. I review books for fun as a hobby. I’ve heard of a few people who make money off their blogs, but that’s usually by selling ad space and is something I don’t really know anything about. Welcome to the world of blogging (and with your book)! I hope you have fun with it!

      • Okay, that’s a nice, little encouragement then for me to not feel shy. Yes, I do understand that everyone loves getting comments on their posts, of course (I’m no different 😉 ). And thanks for welcoming me to this new world, I’ll definitely have a look at your blog again and some others (I just think I’ll have to pick some that I like and stick with them – there seem to be soo many out there).

  6. I’m a couch blogger, too, lol. I love these tags, and I might have to borrow them for a post of my own. Some of the tags, though, wouldn’t work for me. I don’t generally read a book in one sitting, for example. But the spoiler thing…on that I have definite opinions!

    • You should definitely do it sometime! I thought this one had some different type of questions than a lot of tags I’ve seen. I know what you mean, though, when some of the tags of too many questions you can’t really answer. I hate ones that ask for favorite book quotes because I never remember any. Also when they ask Harry Potter related questions because I’ve never read it (and don’t really ever plan to).

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