Review: Seeking Mansfield by Kate Watson


Synopsis from Good Reads:

Sixteen-year-old Finley Price has perfected two things: how to direct a world-class production, and how to fly way, way under the radar. The only person who ever seems to notice Finley is her best friend, the Bertram’s son Oliver. If she could just take Oliver’s constant encouragement to heart and step out of the shadows, she’d finally chase her dream of joining the prestigious Mansfield Theater.

When teen movie stars Emma and Harlan Crawford move next door to the Bertram’s, they immediately set their sights on Oliver and his cunning sister, Juliette, shaking up Finley and Oliver’s stable friendship. As Emma and Oliver grow closer, Harlan finds his attention shifting from Juliette to the quiet, enigmatic, and thoroughly unimpressed Finley. Out of boredom, Harlan decides to make her fall in love with him. Problem is, the harder he seeks to win her, the harder he falls for her.

But Finley doesn’t want to be won, and she doesn’t want to see Oliver with anyone else. To claim Oliver’s heart—and keep her own—she’ll have to find the courage to do what she fears most: step into the spotlight.

I received a copy of this title from NetGalley. It does not impact my review.

Seeking Mansfield will be available 5/16/17.

I love a good Jane Austen re-telling and I haven’t read any based on Mansfield Park, so picking this book up was a no brainer. It’s been such a long time since I read Mansfield Park that I can’t really comment on how faithful it is to the source material. I do know that the basic structure of it is similar and reading this made me really want to go back and re-read Mansfield Park.

I really liked both Finley and Oliver. I loved their friendship and how they always supported each other. I loved the slow burn romance between them, too. We get both of their POVs throughout the story. Normally when we get dual POVs and find out that both characters have feelings for each other that they think are unrequited it drives me crazy. It often takes away a lot of the tension. However, I really enjoyed getting both perspectives here. I think that I could have ended up disliking Oliver a bit without his thought process of how he was justifying his actions. Instead I thought he was pretty adorable, even if he frustrated me at times.

I loved “uncle” Thomas and how the parents in this book were present. There were consequences for bad behavior and guidance when needed. I thought the other side characters – Harlan and Emma Crawford (Hollywood actors and new neighbors) and Tate and Juliette (Oliver’s brother and sister) were all fairly well developed, though I would’ve liked a little more of Oliver’s siblings. From what I remember of the Crawfords from Mansfield Park I thought Harlan and Emma were really well done, though maybe a little more likable here (but don’t worry, not that likable).

I thought the writing was kind of addictive. Even though it was a pretty character-driven plot and the pace was a little on the slow side, I just didn’t want to stop reading it. My only real complaint is that it got a little too teen-angsty for me at times.

Overall, I really enjoying Seeking Mansfield. I liked the characters and the romance and the message of self-worth and standing up for yourself. It was an easy and addicting read. Though I thought the middle of the story dragged a little bit with too much teen angst, it did pick back up and I really enjoyed it. I think fans of Mansfield Park would be happy to read this re-telling, as would YA Contemporary fans.

Overall Rating (out of 5): 4 Stars

4 stars

13 thoughts on “Review: Seeking Mansfield by Kate Watson

  1. I love Austen re-tellings! I haven’t read Mansfield Park in awhile but I have seen the movie which I read wasn’t a very true adaptation. I always had a hard time getting past the couple being cousins. I have read one retelling of Mansfield Park that seemed very loosely based on the book so I am curious to see how this compares.

    • Yeah, the whole cousins thing is icky. But I guess it was normal back then so I can kind of blow past it. I think that you would probably enjoy this one. What was the other Mansfield Park re-telling you’ve read?

      • I try to remind myself it was ok then and not think about it but I think that is still why it is one of my least favorites books and never read it again. I should give it a try again as an adult. This is my teen opinion. The other retelling is The Trouble With Flirting by Claire LaZebnik. Again, I haven’t read MP in a long time but this felt only loosely based. I think I will like this one too. I have it on hold.

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  4. I finished it late last night and I’m pretty grateful to myself that I bought this book after being accepted on NetGalley for the sequel, haha. It was such a fluent read!
    I was kicking myself when I found out it was a Jane Austen-retelling though. I haven’t read anything by Jane Austen but after reading Seeking Mansfield I’m definitely going to pick up the original!

    I also had some Cinderella-vibes at times when I was reading, which added even more to it for me.

    I just started the sequel and that’s Tate’s story! So I’m definitely going to get more of one of Oliver’s siblings now. 😀 Although I’m more curious about Liam’s story and how Harlan and Emma will turn out in the end..

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