Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Underrated Books

This week’s Top 5 Wednesday is: Favorite Underrated Books–Give some love to those books that aren’t as widely talked about. Those hidden gems. Those books that maybe used to be popular but people have forgotten about and they still deserve some love.     


1. My newest obsession is the Lacey Flint series by S.J. Bolton (aka Sharon Bolton) and I never even heard of it until very recently. More people need to read this – especially if you’re a fan of the mystery/suspense genre.


2. The Lynburn Legacy series by Sarah Rees Brennan. If you like YA, great banter, cute (yet sometimes frustrating) romance, and a little bit of magic – this book series is for you! Definitely one of my favorite series I wish more people would read.


3. The Anna Curtis series by Allison Leotta. Another great mystery/suspense series that I don’t see enough people reading.


4. The Curse Workers series by Holly Black. Another great magical YA series. If for no other reason, read this series for the treasure that is charming, sarcastic Cassel.


5. The Passing Bells by Phillip Rock. It’s been so long since I read this (and it was before the blog and before I started writing any type of review on Good Reads) that I don’t remember a lot of details, but I remember being obsessed with this book. Great character development, some great (and not so great) romances, and the heartbreak of war.

What underrated books do you wish more people read? Have you read any of mine? And if you haven’t – You should!

15 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Underrated Books

  1. Hi Stephanie – this is a great idea. I like seeing something different running through my reader! There are so many underrated books that just don’t get the attention they deserve. I’m going to have to come up with a list of my own! Have a great day!

  2. Love this list so much! I’ve added Allison Leotta and you’ve made me happy with the Lacey Flint series. Also, I’ve had Passing Bells for ever in my TBR!!!!!!

    • Thanks! I hope you like Allison Leotta! I think she’s really good – and each book gets a little better I think. I have one book and novella left for Lacey Flint. I’m really hoping that she writes more! And yay Passing Bells! It remember it taking me so long to get started with it, but it was definitely worth the read. So good.

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