2016 Recap: The Best, The Worst, and Stats That Only I Will Care About

In 2016 I decided to keep a really detailed spreadsheet of all my reads so I could write up a recap post with lots of *fun* graphs of my reading trends. However, I have recently discovered that I am a huge moron in Excel and – try as I might – I can’t make a graph correctly to save my life. (This is a crushing blow to my inner-nerd. I thought I was much smarter than I actually am. 2017 is the year of self-discovery.) So instead, I will just share some highlights and a few stats that I can conjure up with some (simple) Excel formulas.

New Books Read: 137
Re-Reads: 19
DNF: 8

4 stars

Star Ratings:

4.5 Stars: 5
4 Stars: 35
3.5 Stars: 30
3 Stars: 52
2.5 Stars: 8
2 Stars: 4
1.5 Stars: 1
1 Star: 2

Reviews Written: 46

Debut/Established Authors

(Not necessarily a 2016 debut, but just an author’s debut book)
Debut: 21
Established: 116

Author Gender:

Male: 12
Female: 125

Part of Series/Standalones

Series: 86
Standalones: 51

girl and book

The Worst Books I Read

(Click on the picture to see my review or the Good Reads page for the books I didn’t formally review)

25891528  28587614  29467963

The Best Books I Read

18966819  27779275   26795352

The Author I Read The Most

Denise Hunter

Denise Hunter – 11

Favorite Guilty Pleasure Reads

28678119   24920901

Most Disappointing

26125281  26721568  25036310  26247008

Favorite Discussion Posts I Wrote

small gold and silver glittery stars | Tiny Gold Metallic Stars Glitter by Theglittersource on Etsy:

The Elusive 5 Star Rating and Backing Myself into a Corner

I don't have many...but if you do, it's over ✌️@doctor_nora_ DON'T PET MY MOTHA...:

I Love You, but I Don’t Like You Right Now: Pet Peeves about the Book Blogging Community

girl and book

You can see more of my year in books in my 2016 End of Year Book Survey and Good Reads Year in Books.

8 thoughts on “2016 Recap: The Best, The Worst, and Stats That Only I Will Care About

  1. I love this! Haha, yes I too tried to make a meaningful graph in Excel a few weeks ago and abandoned the idea! Thanks for sharing your stats. Did you get a WordPress summary of your blog this year? I forget when they do that, or if they aren’t this year. Happy Reading!

    • Thanks! Yes, excel is now my nemesis haha. I was wondering about the WordPress summaries too! I always love those, but I didn’t get one this year. I didn’t see anyone else post one either. I wish they would’ve don them.

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