2016 Resolutions – How did I do?

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At the beginning of the year I did something I almost never do – I made some resolutions. I generally fail at every resolution I’ve ever made so I didn’t have high hopes for myself, but I thought maybe writing them down and sharing might shame me into sticking with them. So did it work?

1) Read 75 books – WIN!

I surpassed this one quite awhile ago! I ended up with 136 books (though I’m in the middle one I anticipate finishing before 2016 ends). I also had more 4 star reads and less 2 star reads than any year before!

2) Request less ARCs – WIN!

I think I did better at this. Out of the 136 books, 30 were ARCs. While I don’t have numbers from the previous year, I think this is pretty good. While I did have a few spontaneous NetGalley requests, I really tried to limit myself to books I already had my eye on or a ones that I really, really thought I would like.

3) Read My Books – FAIL!

I didn’t do as good with this one. I read 29 of my own books this year – and most of those were ones I won in giveaways this year or bought this year. Only a few were from my backlist.

4) Quality over Quantity for Posting – WIN!

While I’m not sure how quality my posts were, I definitely posted less this year. I didn’t pressure myself to post things just to post things. I only did a handful of Top Ten Tuesday posts this year. I did start doing Top 5 Wednesday, but just started within the last couple months and didn’t do that many of those either. I did tags only when I really wanted to.

5) Try to Care Less – WIN!

This was mostly in relation to not having Blog Envy. There were times I still had very low blog-esteem, but for the most part I think I’ve done a decent job at just enjoying myself on the blog this year.

Personal Resolutions

6) Use my Elliptical on a regular basis – FAIL!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I can probably count on my hand how many times I used it this year. Epic fail.

7) Do not order pizza Order less pizza – FAIL!

I did really good at this for about the first half of the year. I still ordered it more often than I should, but I did better at just getting a pizza and not any of the “extras.” Then I discovered Marco’s cinnamon-squares…This is also around the time my MyFitnessPal logging and weight loss seemed to derail a little. Something I will continue to work on during 2017.

8) Update my Resume/LinkedIn and keep my options open – FAIL!

Nope. Despite really, really needing to, I did not do anything regarding this. I did have the opportunity to make a lateral move at work into another position, but I decided against it. Plus, I have heard that if you have 10 years of government service you can get school loans forgiven. I need to find out if it’s just state work or if county work counts too, because I’ll have 10 years of OPERS overall this year, but only 8 with the state. HOWEVER, if that dream job did reveal itself, I would quit in a heartbeat.

9) Write More – FAIL!

I had my worst NaNoWriMo showing ever this year. I wrote one day and didn’t even meet the daily goal. I didn’t write anything else all year long. I did see an ad for an online writing course taught by James Patterson that I’m considering. It’s $90 and at the end of it he picks someone from the class to co-write a book with him. Not that I would win that. But it might be the kick in the butt I need. Has anyone ever heard of this???

10) Find a Church – FAIL!

Another huge fail. My spiritual life is in desperate need of an overhaul in 2017. I did get a great church recommendation that I still want to try out when I can finally make myself go.

Overall, it seems that I did a pretty good job at my reading/blogging goals, but completely failed at all my personal resolutions. Here’s hoping 2017 is a little more personally productive!

Did you make 2016 resolutions? How did you do? What are your 2017 resolutions?

14 thoughts on “2016 Resolutions – How did I do?

  1. It’s so hard to make resolutions and stick to them, at least for me. I tend to really fail if I make too many of them. I think you still did great – I’ve followed your MFP journey all year and you’re doing awesome!
    I would love to find a good church. I’ve had horrible experience with new ones in the past, so it makes me hesitant. If you try any good ones around here, let me know!
    I hope the new year is a good one for both of us!

    • Thanks! I’m going to try and get back to faithfully logging everything on MFP in the new year, so if you see that I go several days without finishing my diary, please feel free to leave a shaming comment so I can get back on track haha. I will let you know if I find a church I like! The one I want to try is in Green, so it might be a slightly longer trip for you, but not too bad I don’t think. I hope we both have a good New Year, too!

  2. Happy New Year! 🙂 I don’t really do resolutions either, I’m more of a one day at a time kind of gal… Happy to see that you had plenty of WINs though and here’s to an even more winning 2017! 🙂

  3. I am terrible at keeping resolutions. Lose weight, don’t miss to much church, get more sleep, don’t avoid socializing. Fail, fail,fail,fail. I do work out thanks to audiobooks. They keep me motivated but unfortunately I never lose weight because I love food! I also vow every year to read all the books I have won. I did read a few this year but I still have a lot to get through. I also have many unfinished series and I want to finish them all. We will see how this year goes.

    • I should get audiobooks to motivate me to work out! I watch tv, but the way my room is set up it’s kind of awkward (and I’m so short that I can only really see the screen when I’m on the up swing of the elliptical haha). Good luck with any resolutions you might make for this year! I think you need to finish Crooked Kingdom so we can talk about it haha.

  4. The way I always try to think about resolutions is that even if I don’t hit them, I am probably better off than I was before I started. And it sounds like you made some great progress this year!

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