Heartless Tour Stop with Marissa Meyer


Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to one of Marissa Meyer’s Heartless tour stops! I’m a big fan of her Lunar Chronicles series and have really been looking forward to her next venture.


Marissa Meyer is so cute! She’s pretty theatrical so she was really entertaining the whole time. She talked a little about Heartless and mentioned one of her favorite scenes is a mad hatter tea party. At the tea party everyone has to get up and share a talent, so she picked 6 volunteers from the audience and gave them talents they had to improv on – which would be my nightmare, but they all did a good job.


She spent most of the time answering questions from the audience. They were almost all about Lunar Chronicles. She said she couldn’t pick a favorite OTP or character from the series. There is an Iko centered graphic novel coming out next year. And what I thought was most interesting was that she wrote Fairest in only 9 days and the finished copy is pretty much the same as how she first wrote it!


I got there early enough to get pretty decent seats for me and Amanda so we were able to get in the signing line pretty early and didn’t have much of a wait.

steph-and-marissa amanda-and-marissa

It was definitely a fun event that I’m so glad I went to. I’m so happy that there are more author events happening in my area – and that I’ve found someone who wants to go to them with me. I’m really excited to get started on Heartless!


8 thoughts on “Heartless Tour Stop with Marissa Meyer

  1. I had so much fun! I am glad we are able to go together. Thanks for getting us great seats!! I was very impressed with the info about Fairest. I also agree the improv would be my worst nightmare too!

  2. How fun is this!!! Is this a stand alone book? Should I read it?? I never read the other series (I know…it’s ridiculous).

    Love the pictures – you look so great!! It’s awesome that you found someone to go to these types of events with. I am dying to go to a Colleen Hoover event if she ever comes anywhere close (Cinci is too far for me).

    • Thanks!! It is a standalone. I’m only a few chapters in so I can’t tell yet if I think it’s something you would like. I’m enjoying it so far, though!
      Yeah, Cinci is a little far – especially if it’s on a weeknight. Maybe CoHo will come to Cleveland sometime? It seems like they’re getting a lot more authors lately.

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