April 2016 Recap

I think it’s safe to say that I was a horrible blogger in April. I’ve been in a slump lately and I don’t really know why. Maybe I’m winding down? Maybe I just need a second wind? We’ll see. In real life there were some interesting things that happened. One of my favorite people at work retired and moved out of state and we had a really nice party for her at work. I went to Canada for a few days to celebrate the first birthday of my niece. She is so ADORABLE. She loves to smile and giggle and hold on to your hands so she can stand up and walk around like a little drunk person. We tried so hard to get her to crawl while we were there and the day after we left she started doing it. And here is one of her “official” 1 Year pictures:

IMG_1859 (1)

Books Read: 8

Genres Read:
Adult: 4
Young Adult: 4

Books Read in 2015 Overall: 39


Books Reviewed:

The Raven King (The Raven Cycle #4) by Maggie Stiefvater – 4/5 Stars

Funny Fridays:

April 1st

"Wicked people never have time for reading. It's one of the reasons for their wickedness." Lemony Snicket:

April 8th

Book addiction! The only 12 steps I'm interested in are from my car into the bookstore! gs♡:

April 15th

My superpower. Audio-books work the best for me, then I can quilt while disappearing into books.:

April 22nd

Everybody should believe in something:

April 29th

11148702_10153270894098379_5038801215967663381_n.png (481×559):

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Looking Forward to May:

I have a review posting tomorrow for The Last Good Girl by Allison Leotta, one of my most anticipated 2016 releases. Other than that I don’t have anything planned. Hopefully I’ll read some good books and think up some good posts. We shall see 🙂

14 thoughts on “April 2016 Recap

  1. What a cutie pie!! You know I was in the same slump last month. It happens to me a few times a year, I just get burnt out. Maybe May will be better, we’ll see. Blogging is supposed to be fun, so I’m not going to push it. As long as we’re reading good books that’s really all that matters!

  2. Your niece is so cute!! I am in a bit of a reading slump too. I have a pile of good books but I can’t get in the mood to read them.

    • Thanks! I’m pretty biased, but I think she’s adorable 🙂 I’m hoping May will be a better month. A book I’ve been waiting for just became available at the library a few minutes ago, so hopefully that’s a good omen for the month.

  3. Oh my goodness, you’re niece is adorable. I absolutely love her dress. I don’t have any kids, but if I did, I’d so dress my daughter (or son, if I was desperate for a daughter) up in a cute outfit like this. I love that Lemony Snicket quote, it’s actually one of the wallpapers on my phone and always makes me smile. I feel a slump coming on myself and I’m just hoping it’s just a small hangover from The Raven King. Hope your May is wonderful!

  4. What a cutie-patootie! Honestly, I’d just love to hug her. She is at such a fun age, where she is learning something new constantly. I can’t even say every day because that hints that she only learns one new thing when the reality is she is like a little sponge soaking up everything. Absolutely precious!

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