2016 Resolutions

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I’ve never been great at keeping resolutions. For example, I did not meet any of my 2015 Resolutions – Reading one hard-cover a month (I did read more physical books, but not one a month), reading one book I discovered on another blog a month (I stopped keeping track of where I saw books I added to my TBR by February), read Harry Potter (never even tried and decided I probably won’t ever read it), Revise my rating system (never attempted), re-read and review old favorites (I re-read a lot, but didn’t review any), use more gifs and graphics (except for the gif tags, I only used a couple). BUT, 2016 is a brand new year with lots of possibilities and disappointments waiting, so I might as well set a few goals I can lament about next year.

Bookish and Blogging Resolutions


1) Read 75 books.

Since my first Good Reads Challenge in 2013 I have surpassed my goal. Each year I increased my goal, but have read less overall books. Because of another of my other resolutions I’ve decided there will be a number of DNFs, so I wanted a smaller goal for new books.

2) Request less ARCs.

I DNF-ed a couple of ARCs last month and I just really hate doing that. But I’ve also reached the point in my reading life where I’m not going to force myself to finish something I’m hating. I also am such a mood reader that I may be super interested in a title when I request it, but don’t care about it anymore by the time it’s actually available. I plan on only requesting ARCs for books I’m already waiting on/dying to read and not just ones that might be interesting.

3) Read My Books.

I have several books I won from Giveaways last year that I haven’t even opened, as well as a number that I bought when they were on sale that have been just been collecting dust. In addition, I download free Nook Books All. The. Time. I want to try to get these read this year instead of getting more library books or ARCs or even buying new ones. I have a feeling that a lot of the free Nook Books are smutty romances that I don’t generally appreciate, so I’m anticipating there will be a lot more DNFs in my future.

4) Quality over Quantity for Posting.

I know a lot of bloggers set goals for a more consistent blogging schedule, but I’m kind of going in the opposite direction this year. I don’t want to post things, just to post things. I also can not promise how many reviews I’ll have any given week or month. I want to do less memes and tags and only do them when I really want to and not just because I haven’t posted something in a few days. I’ll stick with my Funny Fridays because I always find funny things on Pinterest and I’ve been told by some people that they like it, but I’m going to cut way back on the Top Ten Tuesdays.

5) Try to Care Less.

I admit, I get very caught up in stats. I get jealous when people get ARCs I was denied, when they’re given pretty, sparkly ARCs/swag from publishers, when they announce they have more followers than me and have only been doing it for a couple months, when they’re in long Twitter conversations with multiple parties, when they’re making money on their blogs, when a post I really loved writing doesn’t get any likes or comments…you get the picture. This year I do not want to try and make my blog bigger or better. I want it to be something I do because I enjoy it and if I happen to be the only one who ever reads it, I want to be ok with that.

Personal Resolutions

My favorite exercise. But seriously, it you want to lose weight, there is help...ADVOCARE...products to help curb hunger, preserve muscle while losing the fat. The 24-Day Challenge can help you! You're worth it! :) http://www.advocare.com/10031518:

6) Use my Elliptical on a regular basis.

I can probably count on one hand the number of times I used my elliptical last year. Several years ago I lost a lot of weight by counting calories with My Fitness Pal and working out on my elliptical. I was up to 45 minutes 6 days a week. Then things happened and I stopped exercising and tracking calories and gained all of the weight (and then some!) back. I want to work my way back up to what I used to do on it.

7) Do not order pizza Order less pizza

I don’t cook, I live alone, I often let my anxiety get the better of me when it comes to going to a crowded grocery store after work, so I order A LOT of pizza. Which is a problem in itself, but I also can’t order just pizza. I usually get wings or a dessert, too. I want to eat healthier this year and save some money, so I want to limit ordering pizza to maybe once a month. I wanted to try ordering no pizza, but really, that’s just setting me up to fail.

8) Update my Resume/LinkedIn and keep my options open.

I hate being that person who only stays a couple years at a job, I know it looks like crap to employers, but I really can’t see myself staying where I am long term. My job has changed a lot in the past year and if rumors are to be believed, it’s going to be changing even more drastically in the coming year. I’m also a little afraid of being laid off again (I’m back with the same agency that laid me off four years ago. I was in a different position that they mostly got rid of and now it’s sounding like they may be getting rid of some of this position eventually, too). I don’t think I’ll be actively job seeking right now, but I want to be ready if something comes up.

9) Write More.

I crashed and burned at NaNoWriMo this year, but it did make me want to finish a draft I started the previous NaNo. I also wouldn’t mind taking the parts of the NaNo draft I gave up on this year and using it for something else.


10) Find a Church.

It’s been way longer than I’m comfortable admitting that I went to church on a regular basis. I’ve really struggled with my faith in the last few years and this year I don’t want to just get healthier physically, but spiritually. I’m exciting to start an online Bible Study I found and I want to eventually find a new church to join. At the very least, I do have a couple of standing invitations to join some people on a Sunday.

So there are my 2016 Resolutions. Hopefully I can keep a least a couple of them! Do you make resolutions? What are some of yours?

27 thoughts on “2016 Resolutions

  1. Those are great goals. Good luck! I am not usually successful at sticking to my goals. My bookish goals are similar to yours. I need to read giveaway books I have won and the books I own. I did read a few this year but I got distracted by other ones I see at the library, Goodreads or through blogs. I want to finish the Harry Potter series. I am on The Order of the Phoenix and it’s HUGE! I set it aside and haven’t went back. I also need to finish all the series I have started. I say ever year I will stick to it so I am really going to try harder this year!

  2. Some really great thoughts and goals. I think the one about blog quality over quantity is something that so many of us overlook, what is the point in a consistent schedule of posting crap? I’ve got a similar blogging goal, and that is to get better at writing reviews- as in the quality of them.

      • Yep! And the format of mine are very similar, I talk about overall impression, then characters, then plot, then style, then final comments. I think I need to mix it up! I started my blog to have somewhere to share my thoughts on books, and it makes me sad that they are the posts I now neglect the most.

  3. We have such similar bookish goals. I am also trying to care less. I’d like to say I am doing pretty well, and it has made much so much happier overall. I completely agree with quality over quanity. To be honest, I don’t even notice when bloggers post a lot. I care more about the content. I need to learn to DNF books. I did DNF a few last year, but I want it to be a goal of mine to do it more. What’s the point of reading a book if you are hating it? I just hate the feeling of investing so much time into a book to only put it down and have it not count as read. That sounds so silly :P. I hope you have a great 2016. Good luck with your personal goals, too!

    • Thank you! For the longest time I couldn’t DNF anything. I HAD to know what was happening! I even had to read a whole series once I started it. I’ve gotten much, much better at it in the past few years, but there are still a lot of books I probably should’ve quit, but didn’t.

  4. These are wonderful goals, Steph!! I am hoping to start taking my daughter to church this year. I know she’d love Sunday school, and one of my friends has been inviting me to try her church the past few months. I grew up going to church every Sunday until I was 18 years old, but like you, I’ve struggled with my faith a lot lately.

    As for MyFitnessPal and working out – I know you can do it! If you need any encouragement, I’m here! I was in the same place two years ago and know how you feel. I’m also on MPF if you want to friend me! bookjunkie54 or brandie.metzger@yahoo.com

    Happy New Year, and here’s to a great year of reading and meeting our goals!

    • Thanks! I hope you find a church you like. If you ever want someone to try one out with, let me know! Someone suggested one in Uniontown that I’m going to try out sometime. I just requested you on MyFitnessPal. I hope to start seriously using it tomorrow (*Fingers Crossed*). Happy New Year, to you, too!

  5. HAHA at the pizza resolution! I’m going to also try to write less, but better posts this year! I used to try and write as many as possible but now I realize that’s a tad ridiculous haha! I hope you read all 75 books! Have a great year 😀

  6. My New Year’s resolution is to self publish Krystallos, and start writing a sequel…. no more procrastination…. I now have a report, loads of advice from an author’s advisory service re: my first manuscript. (which has been such a worthwhile thing to do,) so no more excuses.

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