Adobe Digital Editions + Nook Help Needed!

As much as I love actual physical books, I love getting books on my Nook. I bought my Nook specifically with getting books from the library on it in mind. I’ve been able to download books and read them on the Nook for years, but lately I’m having an issue. Once it’s finally my turn to download a book, I download the epub to Adobe Digital Editions and then copy it to my Nook. When I go to open it in my Nook, I get the following error.

“This book has been returned. Loan not on record.”

However, I can still read the book in ADE and in my library apps. It still shows up on my Borrowing page on the library website, but no matter how many times I try to remove it and download it again, it doesn’t work. A week or so ago, I was able to get it to work by restarting my Nook a couple times, but now it’s not working. I’ve been trying to look it up online and have found that other people have had this problem, but not one site has an answer to actually fix it. I made a new forum entry and sent tweets to both Adobe and Nook, but haven’t gotten an answer yet.

Can anybody help me? I am so, so frustrated about this right now. You all know how cheap I am, so I really depend on the library to read all the books. I’m kind of tempted to go buy a Kindle just to fix this problem.


After spending hours going through the forums I FINALLY found a fix for this. For anyone else that might have this problem, I’ll share: I uninstalled the latest version (it was 4.5 I think?) and downloaded version 3.0. Then I unauthorized the computer and Nook and then re-authorized. Then I downloaded again from the library and moved it over to Nook and Voila! It opened on my Nook just fine. I can’t even tell you how happy this has made me!

22 thoughts on “Adobe Digital Editions + Nook Help Needed!

  1. That sounds like the most frustrating thing ever. Most books I read are library books too so I’d be in your boat. I use a tablet to read so I can read both kindle and Epub books. Have you had your Nook long?

    • It is So, So Frustrating! I’ve had my Nook for a couple years and have never had a problem until a month or so ago. I got the error about a month ago and thought it was just a fluke. Then about a week ago I got the error message again. I had two other books I had recently downloaded that I hadn’t tried reading yet and one of them opened fine and the other one had the error. I did the restart, remove and re-download thing a few times and finally the two books that had the error message opened fine. But then tonight I tried to get a new one and nothing I do opens it.
      I have read that the newest Nook Glowlight is not compatible with Adobe Digital Editions and people are going nuts over it and B&N is supposed working with Adobe to fix it. I can use an app on my phone, but I have an older iPhone and I hate reading full books on there (though it’s nice to have when I’m out and don’t have my Nook) and I don’t have a tablet.
      I think this response is officially longer than my blog post haha. Thanks for letting me vent some more! 🙂

      • Never did this before so I hope this is correct. I to have the book return problem and after days of searching found the change ADR vers 4.5 to 3 but am afraid if I uninstall 4 I will lose the list of almost 700 books in the library. Do you know if this will happen.

      • In my experience, any book that has already been successfully downloaded with your Adobe ID will still be there no matter which version is uninstalled/reinstalled. I wish you luck! I know this is the most frustrating thing ever when it happens.

    • I was so close last night to buying a kindle! I still might if B&N doesn’t shape up. I even have a lot of problems on their website once they updated it awhile back. How are you liking the kindle compared to the nook?

      • Just saw this comment (sorry!). I don’t feel much of a difference between the two, to tell the truth. What is nice about the Kindle is that you don’t need Adobe Digital Editions to get your eBooks. Also, if someone sends me a book in PDF or ePUB, I can send the file to my Kindle by email and put in the subject line the word “convert” and the Kindle converts the file into mobi format (Kindle’s standard) and – as they say – Bob’s Your Uncle! Very convenient. Also all the books I get from NetGalley end up both on my Kindle and on my Kindle app for my tablet. Finally, NetGalley files on Kindle don’t expire – and for a slow reader like me, that’s a real boon!

      • I never knew that about converting epubs to mobi, that’s a handy trick! My Nook has been working fine lately so I’m happy with it again, though I think I will probably get a Kindle whenever I decide to upgrade.

  2. I was gonna tell you the first thing you should do is unauthorize! I have various problems on various devices with various programs and the first thing I do is unlink them because that’s usually the first glitch.

    On a side note, that’s how your library lends books???? My public library is part of a county wide consortium and they use OverDrive. You download the OverDrive app to your device and all of the lending and reading take place in the app. So much easier and no downloading of individual books and transferring required!

    • Oh I should’ve tried just unauthorizing before uninstalling and reinstalling. I’ll know for next time, though. My library does Overdrive, too, but I have the Nook Simple Touch and it doesn’t have the capability to download the app. The only thing it uses Internet for is to access the Nook store.

  3. Looks like you already solved your problem. I was going to suggest checking to see if you can install the Kindle app on your Nook. I have it on my phone and it works really well. Even though your Nook is working now, you still may want to give the Kindle app a whirl. It’s really similar to the Kindle itself, so if you like the interface, you may prefer a Kindle next time you get a new ereader. Either way, glad you are back in business with your Nook! Why is technology so frustrating sometimes?!

    • Thanks! My Nook is one of the simplest versions so I can’t download apps on it or get on the Internet (other than the Nook store). I do have a kindle app on my phone, but I don’t really like it as much as my Nook app on my phone. Which is why I’m a little hesitant to go the kindle route. Plus I hate Amazon. But B&N just has more and more issues and they are not user friendly, so idk.

      • Amazon is definitely dangerous, like the Walmart of book stores, you know? But, like Walmart, oh so convenient! :-p I held out for a long time, but it has been nice to have. However, probably 95% or more of my reading is still done with physical books, so I don’t have to use the Kindle all that much. It’s more for my backup when I’m going to a doctor appointment or something.

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  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one having issues with this an entire year after your original post! As Brigid said, thanks for this fix–it saved my life too!!

    I’m also excited because through googling about this issue, I discovered your blog for the very first time. I’m sorry in advance if I start commenting and creeping on your posts all at once–if so, that’s why! haha!

    Thank you for sharing this!

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  7. Thank you very much for your Nook/Adobe Digital Edition solution. I have been fighting with this issue for weeks and found your solution today. Following your steps got my books loaded finally and me reading again.

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