If my life were like Chick Lit…The Wedding Date

If my life 2

Real Life Scenario: Last week in the mail I received the wedding invitation to my little brother’s wedding. That’s slightly depressing on it’s own- being that he is three years younger than me, his spinster sister – but the invitation is to me & Guest. Due to their large guest list, he made a point of saying that only people in serious relationships would be allowed an “& Guest”. I told him I thought that was stupid and mean and he said, “oh well.” However, I still got the “& Guest” on my invitation and I’m sure it’s only because he knows I won’t be bringing anybody. I thought to myself, “I’ll show him”…but then I realized that there is really no one in my life who is a single male (I did mention spinster earlier, yes?).

Real life is no fun, so I began to wonder what it would be like…

girl and book

…If my life were like CHICK LIT: What is worse than being the 31-year-old Single Sister of the Groom? Being the 31-year old Single Sister of the Groom who can’t even scrounge up a date for the event. At least I’m not a bridesmaid. (Actually, I wanted to be a bridesmaid. The future S-I-L said no and offered a reader position instead…) Feeling down, I call my girls and go out for some drinks. While I’m getting the next round, an age-appropriate, attractive man approaches me, whispers a quick plea to just go with it and introduces me as his new girlfriend to a well-dressed woman with crazy eyes that’s been hot on his heels. I’m awkward, but I play along until Crazy Eyes goes away. The man, let’s just call him Prince Charming, apologizes and explains he’s trying to get away from his ex, who cheated on him, but now wants to get back together. He thanks me and says he owes me one…which I collect on right away. We make a deal. I will pretend to be his girlfriend until Crazy Eyes leaves him alone and he will pretend to be my new boyfriend at my little brother’s wedding. What could go wrong?

At the wedding, the extended family is both surprised and elated that I brought a date. While there are those that ask suspicious questions, Prince Charming is perfect and we end up having the best night ever. We’ve gotten to know each other pretty well over the past several weeks of pretending to be boyfriend/girlfriend and we both might be denying the growing attraction. With the wedding over and Crazy Eyes supposedly out of the picture we agree to end the charade. However, I soon realize my feelings for him are real and with the encouragement of my friends, I go to tell him. When I find Prince Charming, he is locked in an embrace with Crazy Eyes. Prince Charming notices me staring at them in horror and calls my name, but I run away to drown my sorrows in some ice cream before he can say anything. After several days of ignoring his phone calls and text messages, it’s time for a family gathering with my brother and SIL home from their honeymoon. I am once again the Spinster. However, Prince Charming crashes the event, explains the Big Misunderstanding with Crazy Eyes (and he has told her once and for all to leave him alone), and declares his undying love for me. He gets down on one knee and proposes. And we live Happily Ever After (and my new SIL is not a bridesmaid at our wedding).


13 thoughts on “If my life were like Chick Lit…The Wedding Date

  1. I would read that story! I particularly like the end: “and my new SIL is not a bridesmaid at our wedding.” By the way, I hardly consider 31 old enough for “spinster” status!

    • Haha thanks! I’m not doing the reading, actually. My social anxiety is going to be pretty bad just being in a room with 200+ people, I definitely can’t handle public speaking. I’d be sick all over the wedding party haha (which I would also like to point out that the brother and SIL know this about me, so just like the “& Guest” it’s an invite for something they know won’t happen) 🙂

      • What about a female friend guest? Wow, quite a big wedding with 200 guests! I wouldn’t like to do a reading either! I’d be stuttering and umming and erring all the way through. Good luck for it, I hope it goes well.

      • I thought about asking a gal pal, but the wedding is a couple hours away and I have a hotel room and most of my friends are married and/or moms, so getting a night (or 2, since I have to go a day early) away is usually more trouble than it’s worth. I should’ve added Hermit to my Spinster title haha.

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