Scandal – A TV Rant

Today I’m going to branch out from books and talk about one of my other loves – tv! This will be a disorganized mess of thoughts, so don’t expect too much, other than some ranting.

Scandal- This show is like crack. You end up just wanting to try it and the next thing you know you're prostrated on the floor confused and delirious and hating yourself for giving your whole weekend to it. And yet you go back for more.

Scandal, starring the amazing Kerry Washington, is a guilty pleasure show of mine. It’s often ridiculous, but also addictive and entertaining. As time has gone on it’s become increasingly ridiculous and a little less entertaining, but I still watch it every week.

This season’s finale really bugged me, though. SPOILERS AHEAD. First of all, the wrap-up (for now at least) of the B613 storyline was pretty lame. Huck working for “command” kind of came out of nowhere and we all know Quinn isn’t going to kill him. They are the only two gladiators left, can Olivia Pope & Associates really lose any more employees?

Scott Foley

Secondly, I am soooooo Team Jake. He’s definitely had his shady moments, but at the end of the day he’s been there for Olivia and is her equal. They complement each other well and could do great things. And, hey, he isn’t married. Him leaving at the end of the episode really disappointed me.

My biggest problem, though, is with Fitz – like always. I really hate this character. I have never, ever shipped the Fitz and Olivia relationship, despite the fact it’s supposed to be the core of the show. But let’s set that aside for a moment. What really annoyed me was Fitz’s response to finding out Mellie had an unwitting hand in the murder of a busload of people and then didn’t tell him about it. He very holier-than-thou told her to get out of “his house”.

Can we please take a moment to reflect on all the reasons why Fitz has no right to be so judgey?

-He shot down a commercial plane full of innocent people (under the orders of the same person Mellie gave the list of names to for the bus).

-He, as President, ALMOST STARTED A WAR just to save one person.

-He KILLED A SUPREME COURT JUDGE to hide his own secret of the FIXED ELECTION that got him his presidency.

So, really Fitz? He can act like a huge douche and then the show ends with he and Olivia being all lovey-dovey? LAME.

Do you watch Scandal? What did you think of the finale? Do you ship Fitz and Olivia – if so WHY?


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