2015 Reading Goal Update

I’ve been saving Wednesdays to re-blog my posts from The Bookish People, which was a collaboration blog I joined. Unfortunately, due to the lack of time from the moderator and many of the contributors not contributing on time, it only lasted three weeks. I decided to try and use Wednesdays to do my own Discussion/Random Topic posts.

This week’s topic from The Bookish People was a reading goal update and since I already had it drafted, I decided that’s what I’ll go with today.

My reading goal for 2015 is 115 books. I decided on this number because it’s an increase from last year’s goal (100) and I thought it was a doable number taking into account my new job which has longer hours, a shorter lunch break, and really cuts into my reading time.

I’ve debated on whether or not to include re-reads in my count, but ultimately decided to only count new books. I’m currently at 42 books, which is 5 books ahead of schedule, according to Good Reads.


Do you have a reading goal? What is it? How are you doing?

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13 thoughts on “2015 Reading Goal Update

  1. My reading goal is 120 and I’m at 61. I should probably set my goal higher but I don’t like not meeting my goals! If I had not added audio books, my numbers would not be this high. I listen while I’m cleaning, cooking, working out and occasionally driving.

    • Great job with your goal so far. I’m always impressed when I find out people work and finish all these books. I read a lot less when i worked.

    • Wow you’re doing great! And that’s a good goal. I think that’s about the number I read last year (though my goal then was 100 I think). I haven’t really gotten into audiobooks because my commute is about 15 minutes, but that’s a good idea to listen to them when working out. Maybe it would inspire me to work out haha.

  2. I am always way behind in my goals, because I generally only count the books I review. Doesn’t make sense when my advice to you is to count your rereads, too, as they are books you read.

  3. That’s a great goal, and you’re rocking it so far! Before I had my daughter, I typically set a goal of 100 and would barely meet it. I usually start off really strong in the beginning of the year, but slow down by the end. I’ve found that 50 is a better goal for me, and if I surpass it (I did last year and hit almost double that), then I’m happy! 🙂

  4. I read over 100 books in 2013 and 2014, but my goal was always under 100. This year I set it at 110 and I’ve read 37 so far.

    • The first year I did it my goal was 25 but I surpassed that in February so I kept adding to it. I read 170+ books that year. Last year I did about 120 I think though my goal was lower. I think I’ll probably be pretty close this year. Good luck wit making your goal!

  5. My reading goal (at the moment) seems rather, erm, small compared to yours. I initially decided to aim for 12 books for the year – one a month. It seemed realistic goal considering my lack of reading time. I’m currently ahead of schedule so I may increase it as I go along. Your goal is amazing. I wish I could read that many books in a year, and that’s just new reads as well! I aspire to your reading-ness. 🙂

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