Stephanie: My Personal Opinion on E-Reader’s

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When I got back into reading several years ago, I discovered all the free e-books that are available at sites like Barnes and Noble and Amazon. I downloaded the Nook app and devoured all the free books I could find. While I enjoyed that, I couldn’t imagine actually buying an e-book when I could only read it on the tiny screen of my iPod. I also couldn’t imagine buying an actual e-reader and not having a physical copy of a book in my hands.

However, after some research, I decided to buy a Nook Simple Touch, which has no frills or whistles like apps or video or color, with the main purpose being able to download library books. I ended up really liking the Nook and how easy it is to carry around with me everywhere and all the book choices available at my fingertips at any given moment. Now…

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6 thoughts on “Stephanie: My Personal Opinion on E-Reader’s

  1. I agree with you. E-Readers make traveling easier, because I don’t have to take clothes out my suitcase to fit all my books. I currently have a Kindle Paperwhite and an iPad. I love the Kindle, because I find it’s easier on the eyes, and just all the round more comfortable to read on than my iPad. However, owning Kindle, Nook, and iBooks, make the iPad the best for reading because I have all of my ebooks on one device. Still, I do buy actual books from time to time, because I love the covers, the smell, and the feel of an actual book.

    • I hadn’t really thought about the ipad giving you access to all the book apps. I mainly just get books from Nook since that’s what I have, but I do have a couple free kindle & ibook books that I can only read on my tiny iphone screen.

  2. I prefer my nook especially because I am not supposed to carry heavy weight, so I can carry my books with me. It also makes me feel less self-conscious about my CP because my hands sweat and can harm paper books. My books stay safe because of my nook. I also agree with the highlighting feature because I have always felt bad for doing it in paper books. I’m glad to see people on the pro e-reader side. =]

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