Life Post: Baby Shower

My mom and I have been planning for a baby shower for my sister who is pregnant with my first niece. She lives in Canada (and we’re in Ohio) so it was going to be a trip for her and her husband and the only time we’d see her until the baby was born. Unfortunately, a few days ago she was put on partial bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy We decided to still hold the baby shower and she joined us on Skype! It turned out pretty well, though a bummer that she couldn’t be there in person. I think the highlight, though, of the whole thing was the cupcakes my coworker made for us. They’re so cute I just had to share the pictures.

s14  s23  s6  s22  s7  s1   s15   s17   s18

There was a butterfly theme if that wasn’t obvious 🙂

22 thoughts on “Life Post: Baby Shower

  1. I’m sorry your sister had to miss the shower in person and I hope her and the little one are all right. The cupcakes are so cute! Your coworker did a very nice job. I didn’t realize until this post that you live in Ohio. So do I. I’m in the Cleveland area.

  2. What adorable cupcakes! I’m sorry she couldn’t make it, but still really nice that you did it!

    I didn’t realize you’re from Ohio, and reading your comments above, Stark County, too! I live in Massillon! I’m from Orrville… What a small world!

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