Top Ten Tuesday: Book Related Problems I Have


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the Broke and the Bookish, is: Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have.

1. I’ve already talked about my problem with Library waiting lists.

Nerd Girl Problem 113  this is so true for me thats why im getting an e-reader they`re so much cheaper

2. They cost money.

This truly is the most annoying thing about using an e-reader!! With a book it just never happens.

3. Sometimes they’re sneaky.

"I have a terrible sleeping disorder.  It's called reading." FROM:

4. They keep me from my other love, sleep.

Oh my god... All the characters in every anime should be real (Because I may or may not have a crush on some of them) and idk who shouldn't be real... uh i don't know

5. I like fictional characters more than I like most people.

"ummm yes! Mara Daughter of the Nile!! a book worth reading over and over again!" Seeings as I am friends with other nerds, I don't personally have this problem. But this caption, AAAHH! I love that book xDDD.

6. Re-reads don’t count towards my Good Reads Challenge goal.

For every one book I finish, five more get added to my "to-read" list. #book #confessions #quote

7. The TBR pile is a list that I will never complete. The OCD in me can not handle this.

This pretty much sums up how I feel every time I have to wait for the next book of whatever series i'm reading... LOL

8. Waiting for the next installment in a series to come out.

problems of a book nerd | Book Nerd Problems: Naming Your Kids After Fictional Characters ...

9. I really want to get a dachshund and name her Bella, but I DON’T want people thinking I named her after a Twilight character. (And yes the picture above says kids, but pet is much more plausible).

Problems of a book nerd:  Having to remind yourself while waiting for your favorite author's next novel that writing books does take some time.

10. That not every author puts out as many books a year as JLA.

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19 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Related Problems I Have

  1. I can identify with most of these. Especially the part where they cost money and I can never get my TBR list to come down either. 😦

    • I know it sucks! What I especially hate is how expensive ebooks are. They get so marked up. I hate that some are $9.99, but I’ll pay them. But when shorter books cost more than that? Or when they go up to like $17.99? RIDICULOUS

  2. All Goodreads needs to count a book towards your Reading Challenge goal is a date read in that year. Just make sure the date read is for your most recent reread date, and it counts. There’s also a place under more options where you can enter the number of times you’ve read that book, so you don’t have to lose track of your rereads either. I do this every year with my rereads, and it’s kept my number accurate with no problems.

    If you reread more than once in the SAME year, I don’t know a way around that, but it works fine for annual rereads.

      • As far as I can tell, it won’t update challenge numbers after the fact. I haven’t tested it for rereads, but I’ve tested it the other way – I missed putting in date reads for a few in 2013 because I read through a series too fast to update. I can change the dates now, but it doesn’t change my 2013 Reading Challenge total. So I can’t confirm for sure, but I think it’d be good.

  3. All of these are so true. 🙂 Especially the second one, it’s like, you read a book, it shows a percentage at the bottom and then the book finishes it at 94% and you’re like “OMG WHAT?”. Or, that’s me at least with that case. I fully agree with the fourth one, Amen. I used to hear #5 from my sister back when I re-read books…

    Number eight’s so true! A pet is totally more plausible. So far I’ve named my kitten Eponine, after the Les Miserables musical character Eponine, though she’s also a character in the, you know, book, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. 🙂 I agree about the Bella name, in my case, I love the name Isabella so I can call her (whatever her is, probably a pet) “Bells” or “Bella”, or “Belle” (After Beauty and The Beast!), but there’s the whole Twilight thing. Ugh.

    JLA puts books out like crazy. It’s astounding.

    • I don’t have a percentage in my e-reader, but it shows what page out of how many total pages there are and when the book ends WAAAAYYY before that final number, I feel cheated and tricked!
      I’ve always liked Belle from Beauty and the Beast, but I just like the sound of Bella better. Oh well.
      Thanks for stopping by!!

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