If my life were like Chick Lit…Work Place Woes




 If my life 2

Real Life Scenario: I was laid off from my first and only “adult” job three years ago. Confidence dropped. Depression ensued. New jobs were eventually found, but never enjoyed. Recently a new position became available and I applied and was hired back. Most of the co-workers are still the same great people as before, including my mother. There are a few not-so-great co-workers. There are no single men. There are no other employees in my “demographic”. There are no realistic opportunities for advancement.  I have begun to think of this new phase in life as, “The Mistake.”

Real life is no fun, so I began to wonder what it would be like…

girl and book

…If my life were like CHICK LIT: I would show up on my first day in a cute outfit, ready to show The Company what they’ve been missing. I’d be welcomed back by almost everyone, doted on/nagged on by my mother in equal measure, and my arch nemesis would do anything to make me look stupid. I’d have a couple bad days, but my “we-still-text-everyday” former co-workers take me out for cocktails and I get over it. I show up back to work, with a slight headache from the day before, and it happens to be the same day that the new, hot, single boss comes to the office. After an initial awkward encounter, my candid observations in a meeting is recognized by Hot Single Boss and I’m put in charge of something very important. A promotion is on the line (already!). Hot Single Boss and I start an illicit romance that goes swimmingly for about a week, before there’s a BIG MISUNDERSTANDING (I blame the arch nemesis). However, I work harder than ever, my arch nemesis is thwarted, and Hot Single Boss realizes I am not only brilliant, but he’s in love with me. All the office is ok with this. My mom plans my wedding on company time. Hot Single Boss and I live Happily Ever After-AND I get the promotion.


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