Reader Problems: Library Waiting List


Once upon a time I struggled with the idea of getting an e-reader. This is a problem only true readers understand. We love our books. We like looking at them on the shelf. We like being able to offer them to others (OR throwing them at people saying “READ THIS NOW” OR imagining a force field around them that will protect them from anyone else trying to touch them (other people might dog-ear a page, or spill something on it, or, you know, germs).

The clincher for me in deciding to go ahead and buy myself an e-reader was the possibility of library books. Of course actually going to a library would also work, but my inner, anxious, agoraphobic really liked the idea of borrowing free books without every changing out of pajama pants (and also, you know, germs). So I bought myself a Nook and now can’t imagine living without it. I’ve also gotten a TON of books from the library.

Do you know yours? A t-shirt to proclaim your library love.

The problem, though, is that there are only so many digital copies available at a time and the waiting lists are LONG. Of course there are those that say you shouldn’t complain about such things since it’s free and all, but this is America and I don’t only want it free, but I want it free now. So I go online and request a book I’m DYING to read and then it tells me I’m like #22 on the waiting list and there are 2 copies available. And the lending time of each book is 21 days. You do the math. (For real, you do the math because I’m not going to.)

So then usually by the time it’s finally my turn, I’ve read so many reviews of it already that I’ve inevitably been spoiled, or I’ve already gone ahead and bought the book. Which is,  of course, a whole other Reader Problem.

Nerd Girl Problem 113  this is so true for me thats why im getting an e-reader they`re so much cheaper

My most recent problem, I finally got My True Love Gave to Me and now the holiday season is over and I’m just not feeling it. So maybe if I request it again next October I’ll have it in time for next Christmas? Maybe?

Then there are the books I request and by the time it comes in I can’t remember, for the life of me, why I wanted to read it. So then I waste some time on a book that’s not my cup of tea, when I could be reading something more enjoyable.

Anyways, there’s no real point to this post. I just wanted to complain that waiting lists are annoying.

Do you suffer from this Reading Problem? What other Reader Problems do you face?

20 thoughts on “Reader Problems: Library Waiting List

  1. I’m amazed at how expensive some ebooks are. I got some lovely Amazon gift cards for the holidays and was ready to stock up my Kindle, but everything I wanted was $9.99. Crazy. I decided to put them towards a Kindle Unlimited membership instead and I’m discovering some really great authors this way. I still want to read the $9.99 books, but I think I’ll get them from the library instead.

    • Yeah, sometimes I just can’t stomach paying for an ebook. Though $9.99 is a pretty standard price. I’ve seen some for like $18.99 or more, which just seems crazy to me. So I wait patiently – or more usually very UN-patiently- for them at the library.

  2. My daughter will pay full-price for anything by Richelle Mead because she hates to wait. I try to explain that for the price of those books ($14.99) she could get three ebooks. She rolls her eyes. First world problems, I know.

  3. I know how you feel! I love real books and the library but I got a Nook so I could get more books for a relatively lower price. I just want more real books T.T

  4. I have noticed I can find books not yet released on the website of my library. They will be listed as on order and are there months before the book is released. It is the same for ebooks although it is usually not as far in advance. I have been able to get the new Janet Evanovich, Richelle Mead, Tess Gerritsen, and other popular authors books almost immediately this way. A few times I have been #1 in line. I keep a list on Goodreads of the new releases coming out this year so I have a list to check or I will forget.

    The wait times on ebooks are frustrating. I usually don’t get newer books this way unless there are a lot of copies or if I have been lucky enough to catch when it is first added to the website. I got Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover immediately.

    I usually don’t buy books unless I am at a used or bargain book store. Occasionally I will buy an ebook but only if it is 99 cents and to complete a series I have either won or bought. I hate when the first in a series is free. I end up loving it and get sucked in to buying the rest. It is definitely a good marketing idea. I try not to download free ebooks if they are part of a series. Another reason I don’t buy books (and I admit this is weird), is because without the due date I don’t read them. I have so many series unfinished that I had to have the last book because I couldn’t wait. Weird I know. I think other books I see at the library and on the website distract me and I move on forgetting about the ones I own. My goal this year (once again) is to finish series and read the books I own and especially have won.

    • That’s a good idea to look for hard copy books on pre-order at the library. I do occasionally get on the waiting list for the ebooks before they’re released, but I’m still always so far behind that there’s a huge waiting list already.
      And I feel you getting a free ebook of the first book in a series and getting hooked and having to get the rest. I’ve done that way too much. I’ve also done it at the library. Like books 1,2, and 4 are all readily available, but for some reason book 3 has a huge waiting list, so I’ll buy book 3 so I don’t have to wait. It’s a problem.

    • I’m so sorry I didn’t see this comment earlier! I was cleaning out my spam filter this morning and for some reason this was marked as spam. I have no idea why! This is happening to me right now too! I got about 4 books from the library and was also approved for 4 netgalley books within days of each other. I know I won’t get to all of them before they are expired/archived!

  5. Waiting for library books is a real pain, I completely agree. I tend to borrow physical copies of books, but you still have to wait for most of them. The ebooks my library lends aren’t compatible with my Kindle, so that’s really irritating.

    I think my biggest reader problem, though, is that there just simply aren’t enough hours in the day to read all the books I want to read!

  6. As a reader who can’t wait to get the next book, my problem is not enough time to read. I need a maid, a cook, a laundress, an accountant, a personal shopper, etc., etc.

  7. I can so relate to this post! I only got my Kindle a year ago and I just wanted free kindle books, but then I discovered the electronic library! (No more food crumbs in borrowed books!)

    I actually belong to two different libraries and they both have a different digital library, so that helps with the waiting. And they have different books.

    There’s nothing wrong with complaining. I enjoyed this discussion. 🙂

  8. I know there are times when I want to read fantasy, and then I might be in more of a romance/light-hearted type of mood so I kind of get where you’re coming from! I fluctuate. But fluctuating is good, a bit of variety is good I reckon.

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